Zed Run and Sandbox...Why You Want In.

Zed Run is getting ready to leave it's mark in Sandbox starting June 24th. As a person that has been eager to get there hands on a piece of land before this major news this has been a kick in my butt to finish my research...and fast!

Several people have asked why it matters if you have land close to Zed Run and my answer is "Location, Location, Location!". Think of Sandbox like New York City. You have boroughs which are connected by various transportation systems. If you are in Manhattan and want to go to Queens you are going to have to take a form of transportation that reminds me of what a Subway system entails (in Sandbox they are called portals). But say you are in Tribeca and you want to go to Soho then you would use a shorter transportation system. Within Tribeca you have your neighborhoods and if you own a piece of LAND in Tribeca you can leave your LAND via a local gate which will take you to nearby adjacent lands.

Adjacent lands and neighborhoods allow people to walk around and explore what there is to offer. Much like walking around in the real world and checking out patisseries, markets and other shops. Zed Run is going to bring a massive amount of people to it's track, having adjacent land makes you more "discoverable". There is an automatic draw to that area thereby giving you exposure to a large user base that may not have normally found you. And if what you are providing appeals to those coming for Zed Run then you want to be close to that action.  What if you wanted to start a legal Sportsbook and have digital horse racing be one of your options?  You want to set up a storefront offering digital or physical apparel related to horse racing, why not have it right next door? How about opening a virtual Sports Bar where you can meet up with your friends, watch races and have a Stella Artois (Beer Garden anyone)? The possibilities are limitless in the Metaverse.

LAND owners also have the option to lease land. Even if you don't know what to do with your land right now you can lease it out and if it's in a desirable location that is more likely to happen. Sandbox land is finite, we are looking at 408 x 408 and that is it. Better to grab up a stake and hold it like many do with their NFT's ie Bored Apes, Gutter Cats and dare I say Pickles??? You can always sell your land on OpenSea down the road if you it's not for you. In the meantime I suggest you buy and hold if you have any inclination that you may want to get into this ecosystem (this is NOT financial advice though). Looking at pricing on the secondary market it has only increased in value.

If you are a big Zed Run enthusiast and believe in not only this project long term but others like Sandbox as well, it's almost a no brainer to at least scoop up a piece of LAND next drop. Or at least try to. According to information provided by Sandbox, their last drop sold out in approximately 15 seconds. It is worth noting that purchasing LAND must be done in $SAND which is the currency of Sandbox. If you don't get a piece of land in the drop you will then have $SAND currency you will have to decide what to do with. This has been a complaint of people missing out on Zed Run drops and converting ETH - WETH - ETH again after. I suggest considering your budget well before going down this road. At this time we have no information on what LAND will go for either the regular or premium. Please do your due diligence when making ANY investment my fellow ZedHeads and I'll see you at the track!


  • June 24th is the day of the LAND drop on Sandbox that has the land surrounding ZedRun’s plot of land. If you do not get land around Zed Run during the drop your only option will be to buy for an elevated price from the secondary market afterwards as LAND sells out in seconds during drops.

  • So what is the significance of June 24th?


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