The ECHO Drop....And Why It Needs to Be the Last. Let them Run!

It was with anticipation that many of us gathered around our bright screens of laptops and cellphones less than 24 hours ago to hopefully purchase a genesis horse on the newest drop, the ECHO drop. The drop format itself had undergone quite a few changes in response to survey answers due to issues from the previous Tera drop. Zed Run took an extra week to implement those changes and conduct testing to ensure they worked. I had a couple friends in Wave One that had vastly different experiences...and that was before the bottom fell out when Wave Two attempted to load, and failed to do so for many.

The constant issues surrounding the genesis drops, the considerable let down to many new users once again and the subsequent delay to breeding...again, are all arguments for releasing all genesis horses and moving on from failed drop formats that do nothing but benefit a few and completely alienate new users while at the same time causing further stagnation in Zed Run by delaying important updates.

People want horses. New users want affordable horses. Genesis horses and bred horses are the cheapest way for people to get into the game. This is the 3rd drop in a row that has had issues, maybe it's time to focus energies and talent on things that the Zed Run team ARE good at. This is isn't a knock against the team, but they themselves have said they are an "entertainment company". Drops are obviously not their strong suit and that's okay. Their attention needs to focus on bigger issues that face the community and affect the game long term:

  • Breeding
  • Class restructuring
  • Stuck horses
  • DEZ
  • (insert anything else important that I've left out lol)

We all want Zed Run to succeed. Racing is fun, making foals we can name will be fun, the future in the metaverse just blows my mind....we ALL want Zed to work. Opening the gates on all the Genesis horses allows us to move on to all those things we enjoy doing. The constant failed or glitched drops just cast a shadow on everything that IS good in Zed Run.

So I say release them all....let them all out...let them all run. And then let's get back to building our Zed Run community.

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