Stella Artois, And Why This Partnership Matters More So Than Others

The last week has kind of felt like a roller coaster in the Zed Run universe. Between the ups and downs, twists and turns, and moments I've honestly felt a little nauseous, I think it's a good analogy for recent events. And that was before Tuesday's announcement of a partnership with Stella Artois.

The partnership announcement came immediately on the heels of the unplanned Million Dollar Drop announcement of some 6000 Genesis horses to be delivered to stables by around July 1st due to the failed Echo Drop. Some tout this as being tone deaf to issues that have been recurrent in Zed Run. However, partnerships are not made in a day. This planned "event" with Stella Artois has had to be in the making for months.  The team, from the mouth of Ebs himself, got together after the failed drop and brainstormed a way to A) give value back to the community and B) provide an almost immediate remedy to put genesis horses in the hands of those with none in their stables. Pushing back a partnership announcement would have provided no added benefit beyond what was already provided by the Million Dollar Drop announcement. That announcement had it's day to be scrutinized, ridiculed and lauded by the masses. 

Speaking of the masses. Guess who benefits most from this partnership with Stella Artois? It's not VHS or AB InBev. It's us. The people that buy the horses, run the races, create community content, and generally keep this community thriving. Don't get me wrong, of course the partnership is mutually beneficial to both companies, Zed Run gets exposure to more people and Stella Artois is able to put it's stamp on this NFT space before most other brands have even figured out that that is what they should be doing. But we need our user base to grow and that's what good partnerships do. We need new people to come in, buy horses, join races with us, participate in the community banter and more people to form our own partnerships with. The same 8000 users (that is by no means a fact based number but you get my drift) cannot grow this community. We are currently cycling horses to the same members of the community for the most part, and when things start to stagnate that is when you see the same members running the same horses all the time. It's literally a pond with no source of running water, just stagnant. Cue the lily pads and mosquitos.

The partnership with Stella Artois is a fresh water source for Zed Run. We need to capitalize upon it, nurture it, tweet about it and appreciate it for what it is. An established international company taking a look at Zed Run and liking what they see enough to put their brand in our hands. This partnership is about much more than one big horse race on one day of a given year. Stella Artois is a brand that has a much larger and relevant reach that makes this partnership mutually beneficial. To quote Mother-London "The Life Artois is not so much a place, more so a state of mind, inviting everyone to savour the pleasures life serves up, with the people that matter most. And it’s never too far away. In fact, you can live it wherever you are. That’s the simple premise behind our new global campaign for Stella Artois." see full article here

Because we are as much responsible for the success of Zed Run as VHS is. We are the stewards of Zed Run. Issues are going to arise when scaling a project that are outside of our control, how we address them IS under our control though. The founders of VHS continuously endeavor to grow the platform and fix issues that arise. WE need to continue to be good stewards by giving our best, not our worst. Give constructive criticism, bring up ideas for solutions to problems, find ways to support the community and keep it from stagnating on your own ie forming tournaments, creating betting platforms, etc.

Zed Run like Stella Artois is all about state of mind, bringing your best forward and enjoying what you have with your friends (in our case fellow ZedHeads). I continue to look ahead at what is possible and hope to continue this journey forward with many of the good friends I have made who are of the same mind. Cheers to the prosperous, creative and fun filled future that is Zed Run.


And can we just take a minute to admire how awesome this track is from Ebs?! I mean, look at that turf!!

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