New to Zed Run...what do you do next?

So you've found Zed Run whether it's from a recent Tik Tok, tweet or your buddy talking up his racer he doesn't need to feed, the question remains, "Where do I start?".  Zed Run is an interactive game that requires a little bit of knowledge to get started which can easily be gleaned from the Zed Run discord or many of the Zed focused servers on discord and other community content resources linked on this site. In order to get started you need a horse, but not just any horse will do. Right now there are 3 main opportunities to purchase a horse, 1) 2) one of the buying channels within the official Zed Run Discord or 3) a "drop" style event in which a limited number of Genesis horses are released to the public for sale, the drops are infrequent and will not continue once all 38,000 Genesis horses are sold.

Deciding what kind of horse you want to buy depends on what your goals are in Zed Run. Do you want a horse you can try and race and be competitive? Do you want a horse to breed? Do you want a horse that can't do either and that is at this stage of the game pretty much "glue" (I'm guessing no)? My advice is to peruse the linked community resources before making ANY purchase whatsoever. My first purchase was impulsive and she did indeed end up being glue. I have since sold her and moved on to other horses and she was definitely a cheap pony to buy and learn with, but if you'd prefer to not pay for that learning curve with glue I don't blame you. Everyone that owns horses in Zed Run want those coming into the community to be happy and have a good time. Make sure you do your due diligence before dropping the hammer and you will indeed be a happy new #ZedHead indeed!

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