Is ZED Run Going Down in Flames?

Well, of course it's not but spend some time in ZED General and you may have thought the Novus World had come to an end. The introduction of fatigue, flames, dropped nodes that basically stopped racing and curtailed breeding and the regular amount of dissonance that can exist on certain discords make it easy to believe that ZED is burning. So how about a ZED history lesson for the day with some highlights from the OGs I've talked or listened to over my 4ish months of being here.

  • When Zed Run first started your horses were nothing more than a pretty NFT to look at much like your Bored Apes. They had no utility. They couldn't race, breed...nothing! What you invested in was a vision of what they COULD be. In the words of King Beavershot "they were just something pretty to look at".
  • Racing finally comes around and you know what? There was literally no problem with getting into races because the actual problem was getting enough people to fill a race. Per Lucky Jack "it could take a week to fill a race". You would literally be reaching out to people trying to get one going!
  • Some people hate free races. But back in the day a lot of horses only ran free races. And it wasn't because people thought it padded the stats of their horses (although I'm sure a couple people didn't mind that). Racing used to be in ETH! For all the complaining about Weth, imagine how you'd feel having to pay gas for every single race! And this was before the London Fork which has made gas even more ridiculous at this point in my opinion. So don't hate on the horses with 200 free races many have a story behind that history!
  • The breeding barn wasn't open all the time! Per PJH It would open and close at random times. Now that the breeding barn is open 24/7 for the most part I think alot of new users don't realize how lucky we have it. I came into ZED right after the breeding barn had to be closed because of bred mutant horses such as Roid Rager, Escobar, etc. Roid Rager was sick! Just a monster! 11 wins out of 11 races! But he was a mutant X-men style that had to be put out to pasture because he, like several others, was given the "DNA" from 4 parents...not 2.  And did I mention he managed to push out the odds of every horse in his Griffin to 200+? It was flames all the way for Roid Rager, courtesy of KYH

  • In the beginning Zedders didn't have all these great sites/tools such as Hawku, Know Your Horses, Zed Run Tools or MJ Zedalytics to name a few. Doofy was literally doing his own speed testing and keeping logs of his own races and times, when horses broke, etc. Even though odds are now gone we have more tools than ever to evaluate our horses for racing, breeding potential and the competition.

So these are just a few of the gems to think about when you are wondering if ZED Run is still a viable platform. It is ever evolving and ever growing. Fatigue, flames, breeding changes, race changes, etc. are all done to help the platform grow. I'm sure there are other fun facts I haven't heard from how ZED has evolved over time and if you have any feel free to comment or tweet me! I'd love to hear them!

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