Gaming, Philanthropy and How We Can Make a Difference

Every industry, sport, organization and grass roots campaign have their own approach to philanthropy. From 5k races to bake sales to car washes the list is endless.  With modern day tech we see donating directly to those in need being easier and often times with less of a cut being taken for administrative costs.  For the most part 75% of donations make it to the actual programs while 25% are gobbled up by administrative costs, but those numbers do vary by charity. It's still always good to check out the organization or campaign you are donating to, to see what percentage of your donation goes to what. The following are great resources to check out charities you are interested in donating to or organizing drives for: 

The days of little kids going door to door with their Unicef boxes (which I did as a kid) still exist and philanthropy instilled in children often carries through to adulthood. I think Zed Run is a great way to do that. I see alot of people with kids commenting on how much they like seeing their ponies run, naming them, and just generally having fun...but what if we can instill a little bit of charity into that as well?

There are many ways ZedHeads can choose to contribute to charity or help others in need. One way is tournaments. We've seen this with the Tournaments put on by Pony Plug, Zombie Racing and HEROin's Destiny. In all of the those tournaments a certain amount of the tournament fees was donated to charities of the sponsors choice. 

Another great way to raise funds is via Twitch streaming. Pony Plug and Zombie Racing have used this platform to raise funds for charity with a seamless contribution medium with either a QRS code or a direct donation link. SEANvsALL is a betting channel on Twitch that uses fake currency to bet on races. He does weekly giveaways and prizes and those prizes have been known to be donated to charity by their winners.

A new endeavor being put out by Pony Plug is for a distinct charity and that is Extra Life. I'm going to be going into depth with extra life because, as a nurse, it really hits home with me. And I think alot of people feel the same when it comes to kids that are sick, battling horrific diseases and are stuck hospitalized for long amounts of time. This concept involves a charity stable which receives pony donations, your best, your worst, the gluiest of glue and sells them then sending 100% of the proceeds to Extra Life, it's chosen charity and mission. No administrative costs associated with this whatsoever except for the 2.5% OpenSea takes for selling. The following focuses on Extra Life and the girl behind it.

Victoria Enmon’s Legacy:

Extra Life is an initiative of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) that raises funds for children’s hospitals all across the United States and was founded in 2008. Extra Life was inspired by a very tenacious, upbeat and selfless little girl named Victoria Jo “Tori” Enmon who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at the young age of 11. ALL is a cancer affecting the bone marrow from which roughly 80% of those diagnosed recover. Victoria was unfortunate to suffer not just one but two relapses requiring a lot of her time be spent in the hospital. It’s during her battle with cancer, at Texas Children’s Hospital, that she met “Doc”. Doc was a radio announcer doing the first radiothon for TCH with CMN in 2005. It was during her 2nd relapse which required her staying in the hospital for months that Doc asked her if she liked playing video games. He had observed how lonely, boring and isolating it was for kids in the hospital. Victoria responded with an emphatic “yes” and that’s when Doc reached out to Sarcastic Gamer who responded by sending in video games and then word got out and gaming members from all over the world started sending in games. The response was so overwhelming that Victoria started giving out games to all the other kids hospitalized with her too. Sadly this selfless young lady, who battled leukemia for 4 years, passed on to be with the angels January 21, 2008 at 15 years of age. It was after her passing that Doc started Extra Life, a fundraiser for the gaming community. The first event was held October 15, 2008. On that day 1200 members from the gaming community showed up for a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for their local Children’s Hospitals. This initiative has now expanded to raising millions of dollars a year. Funds are used to purchase specialized equipment for children, games for hospitalized kids, to fund research for certain cures, etc. This YouTube video is a great, short piece for those that want a fuller story Extra life is set up so that you can either donate as an individual or set up a Team to raise funds to donate or you can join someone else’s existing team.

Victoria Jo "Tori" Enmon

June 15, 1992 - January 1, 2008


Pony Plug has such a team set up and have accepted a self-imposed challenge of raising one million dollars by the end of the year. Charity streaming events via Twitch, Donations from Tournaments and a new Zed Run horse Stable aptly named “Victoria Enmon’s Legacy” are all endeavors to make this goal happen. The new Zed Run stable is where people can pledge their ponies, to be sold, and 100% of funds will then be donated to Extra Life under the Pony Plug Team. Donations can also be made to this wallet (0xb5A27CfedEaeA093E0542f56717DF659ecb97882) if you choose, this is directly provided by Pony Plug for full transparency. All ponies are welcome, every pony does indeed have a purpose in the Metaverse. It’s about helping children that show resilience, bravery and uplifting hope in the face of adversity.


Being charitable is inherent in the Zed Run community, we have seen this with our own founders supporting YGG's initiative in purchasing Zed Run horses at drop price to expand their community endeavors. Larger stables are hiring "scholars" to perform various tasks which in turn helps support poor families in the hardest of times, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. We can find so many ways to help people using our assets in Zed Run and I encourage you to be creative and think of new ways we can do so. I invite comments and suggestions. I know we are mid July as of this writing but the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye, kids going back to school, etc. How fun would it be to do a drive for your school to raise funds for teachers to buy school supplies that get distributed to needy kids (teachers often fund this out of their own measly salaries).  Sponsoring Toys for Tots, Angel Trees, Halloween Fun Runs, etc. are all great ways to help people.

So while you are out there running your ponies, breeding ponies and enjoying everything that is Zed, maybe think about how what you do on the daily can be used to help can YOU make a difference today?

Peace my fellow ZedHeads and see you on the track!



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