The Digital Derby, a New Level for Zed Run Tournaments

This week we saw two great tournaments in the Zed Run sphere. The Pony Plug Charity Tournament and the Digital Derby. Grass roots tournaments have been a staple of Zed Run for several months now, the Digital Derby is in a class all it's own and we're going to dive in.

The Digital Derby Tournament was a bracket style head to head tournament that was aired with full on studio production. Lots of hype, interviews from stable owners and coverage via Twitch where thousands tuned in. The first of it's kind studio production was sharp, professional and a great first exposure for many to Zed Run. Twitch comments were full of people asking how to join the derby, questions about Zed Run and enthusiasm overall for the entertainment factor.

Digital Derby was brought to us by Estars Studios, a production company specializing in both esports and videogaming. Headquartered out of Las Vegas their studio is located at the Aria Resort & Casino on the Strip. But they have produced content in other major studios from Los Angeles to New York City and in between. Viewing their portfolio it's apparent they have a knack for producing exciting, visually appealing, gaming and esports content.

The talent at Estars includes big names with equally big experience. For the Digital Derby we had:

Michelle Yu: Reporter, analyst and on air host for real life horse racing. Out of Santa Anita she talks Southern California horse racing year round. She has had on air broadcast stints with TVG, HRTV and Fox Sports just to name a few. The owner of horses herself and married to trainer Ryan Hanson I'd say horse racing runs in her blood!

Travis Stone: Calling races since he was 18 years old, Travis Stone is the current track announcer for Churchill Downs out of Louisville Kentucky, a position he's held since 2015. Having previously announced at Louisville Downs, Monmouth Park and Aqueduct he is now THE voice for the Kentucky Derby.

Sean Moore: Sean Moore, better known to all of us in the ZED Run world as SeanVsAll recently moved to Las Vegas from Texas to pursue his dreams into the Metaverse. Not just content with calling races on his Twitch Stream he is now working his way up into full scale studio productions of virtual horse racing. And I'm pretty sure he's ecstatic not to be changing car batteries anymore! Live long and prosper Sean!

It sounds like this may be the first Digital Derby Tournament with more to come in the future. For a first run it was well done and very streamlined. A professional studio production tournament is a home run for ZED Run as well. Partnerships with Stella Artois, Atari and Nascar specifically benefit from this increased advertising potential. Branded tracks and branded skins (when they are officially released) are perpetual advertising in this space and when you add a high profile event such as the Digital Derby it not only increases exposure for ZED Run but it's partners as well. This then increases the value of a partnership with ZED Run.

It's a win for those already involved in ZED Run as well from the stable owner level. Increased value trickles down to our horses we own as well, specifically the limited 38,000 Genesis horses. We've seen a spike in sales volume and sale price of Nakamoto Genesis especially since the announcement of the VC funding I mentioned in this article All Genesis will have increased value as ZED Run grows so as much as I like to hoard Genesis horses I encourage people to think about adding one or two to your stable.

The Digital Derby was the intersection between real life horse racing and digital horse racing. Digital horse racing will probably never supplant in real life horse racing. But it allows people virtual access to a sport they may never have been able to participate in. Tournaments a la Digital Derby style have the potential to catapult ZED Run into a whole new sphere of gamers, esports, pari mutuel betting, etc. I think that we will see increased growth into these areas. 

Curious to hear what future partnerships YOU would like to see ZED Run enter into. Partnerships that will surely be mutually beneficial and help our stables shine? I look forward to the next full scale production involving ZED Run...whatever that looks like. See you at the races!

Art from the great mind of Chris Ebeling once again!

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