Breeder, Racer, Trader and what the future holds?

I’ve had some spare time on my hands lately. Zed Run’s current fatigue implementation doesn’t allow for hardly any racing at the moment so I started thinking about those who do race, usually anyways, like all the time! What are racers doing nowadays since they can’t race 10+ races a day, not effectively at least. Which also begged the question. How many in Zed Run identify as “breeders” and how many as “racers”? I ran an impromptu Twitter poll and the split was almost 50/50 but more telling were the comments I received.

A lot of Zedders stated they considered themselves racers but the current fatigue set up has turned them into breeders. Someone else commented they considered themselves a “trader” ie they buy and sell for profit (which seems to be a minority number of people).

Current fatigue only allows for approximately 3 races per horse before its fatigue/stamina falls below 90%. Most people don’t race below that percentage unless they are hoping to lose a race to attempt a declass of their horse. It currently takes 24 hours to recover stamina back to 100%.

Zed Run has put forth changes that will allow for recovery in 12 hours and a horse to race 5 races before being affected by fatigue. Those changes can’t come soon enough for just about every racer you ask out there. I consider myself more of a breeder than a racer but I do enjoy racing my horses. Racing three times or less isn’t much fun, especially when you know by that third race your fatigue isn’t that great. The plug in from Know Your Horses is highly recommended, it allows you to see fatigue and many more things without toggling back and forth between several screens.

Many people have focused on breeding while waiting on this fix. Breeding has been going strong since it was reimplemented which was fine when racing was more active, however, without consistent racing less people are buying horses off the secondary market. This has led to a glut on the secondary market and a large decrease in prices of those horses….which leads us down another rabbit hole….


More specifically does Zed Run need to implement some sort of burn mechanism for horses? We love to breed, we love to race….but we don’t like losing money. I think that can be said for everyone (if you like losing money I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you). Ask the person with a glue horse how much they like racing and losing all the time (been there done that). Or ask the breeder who pays stud fees to hopefully produce a good horse how much they like not even being able to sell a horse to get those breed fees back let alone profit any? Which leads us down another dark path….


I hope not…but at the current rate of breeding it seems inevitable without a burn mechanism being implemented. There are over 100k horses now in ZED. It didn’t take long for it to double from what it was before breeding was turned back on. If we don’t curb breeding entirely we could possibly be looking at stricter limits down the road. At some point, if nothing changes, it will be -EV every time a horse is bred. Even proven racers will suffer in my opinion. It’s cheaper for some to buy 5 u/u horses off the floor hoping to strike gold, than to invest say 1 eth or more in a proven racer. And why pay 1 eth for a proven racer unless you know you can recover that investment in a reasonable amount of time. Will racing 5 races a day be enough for people to recover that within say 6 months? Is 6 months reasonable to people?


Breeder, Racer, Trader? It’s a dynamic interpersonal relationship between all of these. And I want all to succeed, and yes success is measured by being able to make money in this space. There are some people that come into this and buy a horse just to race for fun, not caring if they make money…but those people are not the majority. I think it’s important to let the Zed Run team know your concerns in an objective and constructive way. I enjoy Zed. Alot. And want to continue to breed and race with the best of them. But we need changes sooner rather than later. At the heart of the matter is what is VHS's vision of Zed Run in the long term? Is it achievable, sustainable and does it align with the communities vision?

What are your ideas for helping Zed make positive change? Hit me up on Twitter…and please let the team know too! We are all in this together #zedfam.

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