Atari, Zed Run and the New Frontier

This week Zed Run announced it's new partnership with Atari. To understand why this partnership is developmentally a good match I think we should first look at the roots of Atari and it's metamorphosis.

Founded in 1972, Atari was a pioneer in game consoles, arcade games and even home computers. Pong was one of the very first video games designed and helped establish the video game industry. After the success of Pong came a slew of other well known games; Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, and Centipede just to name a few.


Atari has gone through massive changes since it's inception. Not only are they still involved in game making but they are now developing a crypto casino on the Ethereum blockchain via Decentraland in partnership with Decentral Games. That launch party, held in April, was a testament to the new power of NFT's (3D Pixel Gerald sold for 6.42 ETH). Atari also holds multiple stakes of land in Sandbox, has developed it's own cryptocurrency ATRI and plans to build it's first Atari themed hotel, in Las Vegas, to open 2022. The former CEO of Atari SA, Frederic Chesnais also stepped down to head up the newly formed blockchain division, evidence of a bullish outlook on the metaverse.

And that brings us to this new partnership with Zed Run. Virtually Human Studios, the founders of Zed Run, are pioneers of their own right in this new frontier, merging NFTs with utility. Zed Run has undergone it's own evolution from NFT's that were "pretty to look at" and now has one of the most recognizable digital assets in the NFT space. And that brings us to Skins.

This new partnership has garnered us 20 new unique Skins designed by the incomparable Chris Ebeling, Creative Director at Virtually Human Studios. The first of these skins were successfully sold yesterday, July 15, 2021. Adventure, a Fawn colored Colt z10 was successfully purchased by "Too-Tall" for 5.5125 ETH. The second, Bushnell, a chrome yellow colored Filly z10 was successfully purchased by "Exotics" for 6.2112 ETH. Of note, Exotics has managed to purchase skins from the last 3 partnerships, the start of an amazing collection. The Atari/Zed Run collection on OpenSea can be viewed here[resultModel]=ASSETS and will be on auction through July 20th with some auctions being completed sooner than others. Check out the ones you like and make sure to get your bids in before they end. 

The partnership with Atari is indicative of Zed Run strategically aligning itself once again with a partner that reflects what Zed Run stands for: Innovation, creativity and pioneering. This partnership with Atari will be an ongoing, long-term endeavor and we will see much more in the coming year from this relationship.

Some question the value and timing of partnerships. As Zed Run continues to evolve and grow I think it will become self evident why these partnerships are valuable. Zed Run does not exist in a vacuum although at times we, as players/users, may feel like it does. Zed is, in a way, our own little world where we come to race horses, breed foals and partake of community events. But, it's the metaverse. And we will constantly be in flux and adjusting to necessary changes. Much like Atari. There came a time when Atari's future was in question yet here they are, almost 50 years later entering a space they may not even have imagined existed.

Atari and Virtually Human Studios are pioneers, I guess the question is, do you have what it takes to be one too? A new frontier awaits us, no matter how corny that sounds. Are you in?


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