WHERE ARE YOU JAY & ROD - Z12 Buterin Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on Where Are You Jay & Rod, an Exclusive Buterin racer out of Shakedown Stable. I have to admit when I put a call out for good racers to look at this name had me laughing so I had to check it out. Nothing like a sense of humor from a stable owner...and who would have known it would have been a great racer as well?! So where are Jay & Rod you ask...I guess they are at the track one way or the other?? The following family tree sourced from https://zedrun.tools/bloodline/40485.

      Jay & Rod's Paternal Grandsire:

      • Whisper Proof #532 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
      • 55 Paid Races
      • 7.27% Win Rate
      • 21.82% Show Rate
      • -49.73% ROI
      • Average Odds 13.6
      • Not U Shaped
      • 15 offspring : of note are
        • Taking Proof: 50.0% Win Rate, 66.67% Show Rate, Average Odds 6.22 (6 Paid Races) (Dam is Overtaken)
        • Pegasus: 10.59% Win Rate, 32.35% Show Rate, Average Odds 10.12 (170 Paid Races) (Dam is BITCONNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT)
        • It's Coming Home: 10.0% Win Rate, 26.43% Show Rate, Average Odds 10.99 (140 Paid Races) (Dam is Aurora Star)
        • Antares: 8.7% Win Rate, 21.74% Show Rate, Average Odds 12.28 (Dam is Apollo Eleven)
        • Black Pearl: 6.44% Win Rate, 25.76% Show Rate, Average Odds 14.98 (Dam is Cyclops)
        • Rigel (discussed below)

      Jay & Rod's Paternal Granddam:

      • Oval Omission #541 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
      • 63 Paid Races
      • 6.35% Win Rate
      • 30.16% Show Rate
      • -26.88% ROI
      • Average Odds 11.85
      • Not U Shaped
      • 10 offspring : of note are
        • You Gonna Work B!tch: 20.27% Win Rate, 37.84% Show Rate, Average Odds 7.69 (74 Paid Races) (Sire is Star Value)
        • Red Skull: 7.14% Win Rate, 23.81% Show Rate, Average Odds 12.72 (168 Paid Races) (Sire is Crimson Star)
        • Luxor: 6.67% Win Rate, 13.33% Show Rate, Average Odds 12.52 (30 Paid Races) (Sire is Clovis)
        • Rigel (discussed below)

      Jay & Rod's Sire: 

      • Rigel #8269 Z4 Legendary Nakamoto
      • 118 Paid Races
      • 6.78% Win Rate
      • 28.81% Show Rate
      • -15.96% ROI
      • Average Odds 12.5
      • Not U Shaped
      • 7 offspring : of note are
        • Where Are You Jay & Rod (discussed below)

      Jay & Rod's Dam

      • Your Holiday Is Over #25070 Z8 Genesis Buterin
      • 88 Paid Races
      • 10.23% Win Rate
      • 28.41% Show Rate
      • -22.5% ROI
      • Average Odds 13.26
      • Not U Shaped
      • 3 offspring : of note are
        • Where Are You Jay & Rod (discussed below) (born July 8th, 2021)

        Where Are You Jay & Rod:

        • Z12 Buterin Exclusive
        • 127 Paid Races
        • 14.96% Win Rate
        • 38.58% Show Rate
        • Average odds 7.65 (see graph below)
        • Mostly U shaped (back end weighted)(see graph below)
        • 38.42% +ROI
        • 0.0013 ETH profit to date
        • unbred filly

        Where Are You Jay & Rod (J&R for short hereonout) is a promising racer showing some nice stats! Coming from a Buterin dam the rest of his family tree is pure Nakamoto. The one thing we can observe from this family tree is there isn't a single unraced or noncompetitive horse in it.

        The entire bloodline of J&R is filled with horses that can win. Starting off the family tree is a much older minted Z2 Genesis Nakamoto, Whisper Proof. He has had his fair share of offspring since inception, and quite a few of those have proven to be good racers themselves. Taken Proof looks like it could potentially be a monster horse in it's own right and may deserve his own write up soon enough.

        Breeding with Whisper Proof was Oval Omission, a steady racer with good odds who also produced quite a few offspring that were competitive including Rigel, J&R's sire. Rigel did not produce any competitive offspring that we see so far except for J&R. More than likely that racing DNA from his parents combined best with that of Your Holiday Is Over to produce J&R. 

        Stacking Naks and finding a good breeding partner are the foundation of what led to J&R being a good racer in my opinion. To test that theory breeding Rigel with Your Holiday is Over repeatedly would yield us more data to come to a more educated conclusion. And it is definitely something to keep in mind. Just because your mare or stallion don't give you an awesome racing offspring, does not mean they are a bad horse, it just means they haven't found their right breeding partner! As we continue to look at bred horses we can see where this is becoming more evident.

        Last but not least another shoutout to the stable owner's name game. I hope Jay and Rod got as much of a laugh as we have.

        What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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