THE CRIMSON CHIN - Z7 Szabo Legendary

Today's spotlight is on The Crimson Chin, a very strong Legendary Szabo racer. I actually really enjoy seeing great Szabo's racing as they largely get their reputation as the "breeders" not "racers".  The following family tree sourced from

      Crimson's Sire: 

      • Equinox #1017 Z3 Genesis Szabo
      • 7 Paid Races
      • 0% Win Rate
      • 14.29% Show Rate
      • Non competitive odds (see graph)
      • 12 offspring : of note are
        • Ezio Auditore da Firenze 9.76% Win Rate, 19.51% Show Rate (dam is Elita) (TWIN to Lior Amoralis)
        • Lior Amoralis 4.17% Win Rate, 12.5% Show Rate (dam is Elita)
        • Cadet Amoralis (discussed below)
        • The Crimson Chin (discussed below)

      Crimson's Dam

      • Sussex Muster #8287 Z4 Genesis Szabo
      • 8 Paid Races
      • 12.5% Win Rate
      • 50.0% Show Rate
      • Odds vary from 10-16 (see graph)
      • 2 offspring : of note are
        • Cadet Amoralis 14.1% Win Rate, 32.69% Show Rate (sire is Equinox) (TWIN to The Crimson Chin)
        • The Crimson Chin (discussed below)

      The Crimson Chin:

      • Z7 Szabo Legendary
      • 653 Paid Races
      • 20.21% Win Rate
      • 39.51% Show Rate
      • competitive odds against all distances (except 1600 Down Button distance) (see graph below)
      • U shaped
      • 18.43% +ROI
      • 0.8281 ETH profit to date
      • unbred filly

      The Crimson Chin's family tree is relatively short but she also has a rare twin that is nice to have when evaluating family trees.

      When it comes to racing ability it would seem evident that she gets it from her dam's side as does her twin, Cadet Amoralis, in this case. They are both competitive racers and they are also the only offspring of Sussex Muster so far.

      Of note are another set of twins born to Equinox by another dam. Ezio Auditore de Firenze is obviously more competitive than his sibling Lior Amoralis. Both being born at the same time and combining the same algorithms you would think their stats would be the same. However, since they are not we could draw several inferences. 1) The algorithm mutates with certain actions ie. after each breeding 2) The algorithm when combined with another generates a completely random genetic makeup in the offspring every single time so that it's luck of the draw if both "twins" are competitive 3) The algorithm mimics real life genetics and keeps a certain percentage of the DNA the same in offspring but changes a random percentage so that they are still slightly different ie even identical twins aren't really identical. 

      Once again when it comes to breeding it looks like you need at least one good racer to have a chance of producing competitive racing offspring. Elita, the dam to the other set of twins is a competent racer but not as competitive as Sussex Muster. The rest of Equinox's offspring are either non competitive or unraced.

      Now that breeding has reopened it will be interesting to see if The Crimson Chin is bred and what that stable owners strategy is. Being able to follow lines and their offspring will enable us to make better inferences when it comes to breeding in the future.

      What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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