STEPH CURRY - Z13 Buterin Elite

Today's spotlight is on Steph Curry. With breeding coming up I think he's worth a look at, especially when people comment that he was bred from "2 glue parents". That may well be true but following the bloodline as a whole you can see there is more to it than that. The following family tree sourced from

Curry's Great-Grandsire: 

  • Underhanded #420 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 31 Paid Races
  • 3.23% Win Rate
  • 32.26% Show Rate
  • 16 offspring with none showing overwhelming win rates in their own right

Curry's Great-Granddam:

  • Can't See the Line #453 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 38 Paid Races
  • 13.16% Win Rate
  • 31.58% Show Rate
  • 2 offspring 

 Curry's Grandsire:

  • Get a Wiggle On #8636 Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
  • 1 Paid Race
  • 10th place finish
  • 46.06 odds
  • 4 offspring: of note is Beskar 9.56% Win Rate (dam is Bela Bite)

Curry's Granddam:

  • Prophecy #654 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 16 Paid Races
  • 0% Win Rate
  • 31.25% Show Rate
  • 4 offspring: of note is Ahsoka Tano 13.33% Win Rate (sire is Billions)

Curry's Sire:

  • I Have Spoken #9489 Z4 Exclusive Nakamoto
  • 22 Paid Races
  • 0% Win Rate
  • 22.73% Show Rate
  • 7 offspring: of note is Governors Flex 9.52% Win Rate (dam is Celebration)

Curry's Dam:

  • Closer to the Truth #13029 Z9 Genesis Buterin
  • 14 Paid Races
  • 0% Win Rate
  • 21.43% Show Rate
  • 2 offspring

Steph Curry:

  • Z13 Buterin Elite
  • 1446 Paid Races
  • 18.26% Win Rate
  • 33.13% Show Rate
  • 8.35 odds average over all lengths ran
  • U shaped

Steph Curry is undoubtedly a great racing pony with odds reflecting his ability to run over all lengths and dominate in all classes. But where did that "DNA" come from? In Zed Run, the algorithm is basically what we refer to when we are talking about a horses "DNA" so I'll just simply call it DNA for those purposes. None of Steph Curry's ancestors stand out as superior runners or great odds horses. The entire line of Steph Curry's history is in fact Nakamoto blood until you get to his dam, Closer to the Truth. Could it be that the injection of Buterin blood into this Nakamoto only blood line allowed a grand alignment in DNA that produced him, a true racer? Could it be that Steph Curry's racing ability comes solely from his dam? Our answer may be found by looking at Steph Curry's half sister, Megan Thee Stallion. She has a 0% Win Rate, odds are much higher than Steph Curry's and fluctuate widely from length to length and her racing history so far does not show any indication of forming into a U shape.

Just looking at the information presented it seems that the confluence of new Buterin blood and established Nakamoto blood were the perfect combination to produce Steph Curry. Replicating this exact breeding tree would hopefully provide us with a more definitive answer. 

What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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