SLIDE of HAND - Z16 Finney Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on Slide of Hand, our first Finney racer to be reviewed to date. Slide of Hand is a great racehorse on the track and when I started researching his family tree I started noticing something interesting popping up on his grandsire's limb...twins, like LOTS of twins. I thought this might lead to some interesting data so started the deep dive. The following family tree sourced from

Slide's Maternal Grandsire: 

  • End to End #1785 Z4 Genesis Szabo
  • 344 Paid Races
  • 6.1% Win Rate
  • 30.23% Show Rate
  • Average odds 13.59 across all distances
    • 14 offspring: of note are
      • Making Money 5.88 Win Rate, 20.86% Show Rate (dam is Can I Call You Back)
      • Queenslander  2.63% Win Rate, 21.05% Show Rate (dam is Can I Call You Back) (twin to Making Money)
      • Sophisticated Sheila 11.76% Win Rate, 32.13% Show Rate (dam is Fairly Legal)
      • 'Ken Oath We Got Covid 3.7% Win Rate, 25.93% Show Rate (dam is Fairly Legal) (twin to Sophisticated Sheila)
      • Bundy Run (discussed below)
      • Slide of Hand (discussed below)

      Slide's Maternal Granddam:

      • Extreme Measure #2656 Z6 Genesis Finney
      • 6 Paid Races
      • 0% Win Rate
      • 0% Show Rate
      • Average odds 15.04
      • Not U shaped
      • 6 offspring: of note are
        • Bundy Run 12.44% Win Rate 29.86% Show Rate (sire is End to End as well) (Bundy Run is twin to Bush to Beach)
        • Run Mate Run 10% Win Rate 28% Show Rate (sire is Our Promise)
        • Bush to Beach (discussed below)

        Slide's Sire:

      • Just Before Dark #2657 Z6 Genesis Finney
      • 143 Paid Races
      • 4.2% Win Rate
      • 20.98% Show Rate
      • Not U Shaped
      • Average odds 17.16
      • 9 offspring: of note are
        • Kiss My Asterisk 7.94% Win Rate, 25.4% Show Rate (dam is Tim Tam, half sister of Bush to Beach)
        • Slide of Hand (discussed below)

      Slide's Dam:

      • Bush to Beach #5621 Z10 Legendary Finney
      • 66 Paid Races
      • 0% Win Rate
      • 15.15% Show Rate
      • Not U shaped
      • Odds average 28 across all distances
      • 2 offspring: of note are
        • All In 10.42% Win Rate 33.33% Show Rate (sire is Don't Call Me)
        • Slide of Hand (discussed below)

        Slide of Hand:

        • Z16 Finney Exclusive
        • 966 Paid Races
        • 20.08% Win Rate
        • 36.54% Show Rate
        • odds great across longer distances
        • U shaped
        • 58.96% +ROI
        • unbred filly

        Unlike previous family tree breakdowns this one does NOT start with Nakamoto fact there isn't a single Nakamoto contributor to Slide of Hand's DNA. So yes it can definitely be done, breeding a great racer without Nakamoto blood. I was starting to worry a wee bit as I kept breaking down family trees and seeing Naks all the time lol.

        In fact Slide of Hands family tree is all Finneys with the exception of his Grandsire, End to End which is a Szabo. This is the first time I've also seen so many twins, 6 sets to be exact:

        Bundy Run 12.44%

        Bush to Beach 0%

        Redasa Dingos Donga 0%

        Dirranbandi Lad 0%

        Making Money 5.88%

        Queenslander 2.63%

         Two-Bob Pony 0%

        GAS FEE SUX 0%

        Hervey Bay Holiday 0%

        My Crypto Runner 0%

        Sophisticated Sheila 11.76%

        'Ken Oath We Got Covid 3.7%


        Breaking down those offspring by twin sets, gender and win % provides us with some valuable information. Pairings seem to reflect the ability of a horse to win albeit 1 twin greater than the other. The mare "No Convent 6.67% Win Rate, 13.33% Show Rate" gave birth to both sets of twins (Two-Bob Pony/GAS FEE SUX) and (Redasa Dingos Donga/Dirranbandi Lad). Neither set of twins are competitive. It goes to show that no matter how good a stud/mare combo is it doesn't mean you will get gold every time or even at all. From these 6 sets alone you have 5 offspring with + win rates and 7 with zero wins. Of those 5 with + win rates only 2 are above a 10% win rate. 

        Slide of Hand was born from Bush to Beach and Just Before Dark. He seems to be a great runner by chance more so than by planned breeding of strong racing DNA. This is an instance of where something in the algorithm (DNA) was intensified or mutated in such a way that gave him his abilities. Was it the fact that both his grandparents and his sire were all Genesis? Entirely possible since the genesis are said to hold the purest of the bloodlines. As an unbred filly Slide of Hand may have the best chance of producing competitive offspring by breeding with either an absolute proven racer or a Genesis colt/stallion (or a combination of both). Anything else is a roll of the DNA dice without proven strong lineage.

        What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!


        • Hey TriGuy777, I sent you an email but to sum it up…Yes, I would definitely give it a shot breeding them!

        • Hey Lacy - we connected during PP about Slide by Hand’s family - I totally regret not grabbing her for 1 eth, but I do have her mom Bush to Beach, and Bush’s twin Bundy Run - and I also have All In, half to Slide. What do you think if I mated Bundy Run with All In?

          TriGuy777 / Scott

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