RYAN McLEAREN - Z3 Nakamoto Legendary

Today's spotlight is on Ryan McLearen, a very fresh Legendary Nakamoto racer out of Archibald Royal Family.  Only out of the breeding barn for a little over a week this horse is already making a name for himself and some big moves. I was excited to hear from the stable owner himself and he was gracious enough to answer some questions for me that I usually am only to speculate as to the answers! The following family tree sourced from https://zedrun.tools/bloodline/57083.


        Ryan's Sire: 

        • Risk It For The Biscuit #434 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
        • 39 Paid Races
        • 10.26% Win Rate
        • 38.46% Show Rate
        • -24.46% ROI
        • Average Odds 12.16
        • Not U Shaped (likes the front end of the graph) (see graph below)
        • Currently in the stud barn for 0.5 eth as of this writing
        • 24 offspring : of note are
          • Kewl Biscuits: 25% Win Rate, 25% Show Rate (4 Paid Races) (Dam is Kewl)
          • Duty First: 13.79% Win Rate, 20.69% Show Rate (29 Paid Races) (Dam is Gallant Oscar)
          • Bettor Biscuit: 5.56% Win Rate, 33.33% Show Rate (18 Paid Races) (Dam is Go One Better)
          • Soylent Green: 7.84% Win Rate, 25.49% Show Rate (51 Paid Races) (Dam is Alnoomas)
          • Racing Stripes: 5.56% Win Rate, 16.67% Show Rate (18 Paid Races) (Dam is Radipole)
          • Ryan McLearen (discussed below)
          • Many other offspring either unraced, Griffin raced with good results or lightly raced.

        Ryan's Dam

        • Just a Singer #13070 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
        • 9 Paid Races
        • 11.11% Win Rate
        • 44.44% Show Rate
        • +50.29% ROI
        • Average Odds 9.84
        • Not U Shaped
        • 2 offspring : of note are
          • Ain't Hungry No More: 7.55% Win Rate, 22.64% Show Rate (53 Paid Races) (Sire is Who Dares Win)
          • Ryan McLearen (discussed below) (born July 21st, 2021)

          Ryan McLearen:

          • Z3 Nakamoto Legendary
          • 20 Paid Races
          • 30.0% Win Rate
          • 45% Show Rate
          • Average odds 8.08 (see graph below)
          • Possibly developing front end heavy U shape (see graph below)
          • 488.35% +ROI
          • 1.4832 ETH profit to date
          • unbred colt

          This community spotlight is a bit out of the ordinary in that I usually look at horses with at least or close to 100 paid races. When the owner reached out to me about Ryan McLearen I put him on my list expecting to come back to him later after he'd completed a lot more races...well, sometimes you gotta break the rules!

          Ryan McLearen is a highly competitive horse! Great odds, great placement and in Class I now no less! While the owner has been getting to know him, placing him in primarily $2.50/$5.00 races, it was his last race that definitely gained my attention. At an approximate entry fee of 0.2615 ETH ($600 USD as of this writing) and a total prize pool of 2.8242 ETH ($6500 USD as of this writing), this was no race for the faint of heart. Heavy hitters we all know such as Ducky Mallon, Vanilla Bean, Collision, Rush of Adrenaline, What Rhymes with Venus and others were stacked in this race! What made the owner take a chance and put his new horse on the block, Ryan McLearen, in with these proven champions? Below are the links to the race lineup with Know Your Horses and the race itself on Zed Run which you can rewatch in 2D or 3D.



          I honestly don't have to spend a lot of time analyzing this family tree for Ryan McLearen, his parents are both good racers and his sire is an amazing stud putting out a lot of good offspring. His dam has had one other offspring which is competitive as well. I think the better story here is how Ryan McLearen came into being? 

          Hunter, the owner of Archibald Royal Family, had very different plans for breeding than what actually transpired in the beginning. "His father, my Z1 "Risk It For The Biscuit" is the entire center of my stable breeding plan. I have a theory about his name and it also happens to be my life mantra which is double awesome. I have literally said it for decades so it just makes sense." Hunter put Ryan's sire, Risk It For The Biscuit, in the stud barn when breeding reopened but things didn't go according to plan the first time around. Unfortunately he was one of the Z1's to get hit with the bugs that existed at that time and ended up with 18 offspring within seconds from other stables inundating the system (we saw this with Decentralizing Currency who gave up 45 offspring in seconds when looking at Plinko Phunk).

          But Hunter didn't give up despite that setback, "I was pretty hurt, but I did not let that get me down. I still have a plan (which was to breed Risk It with my best Z2 and get a male offspring that I could then breed through Szabo and Finney lines down to my Butes that I have reverse bred to make what I am hoping is some Elite monsters". Breeding Risk It For The Biscuit and his best Z2 giving us Ryan McLearen is definitely a good start to Hunter's breeding plan! And that whole reason for entering a huge pot race seemingly out of the blue?

          Hunter replied "When I saw the big race pop, It was at what I feel is Ryan's best distance thus far (1600m) and I saw Ducky in there so I figured, hey this is a great chance to see where I stack up. To my surprise (but not really) Venus and Vanilla Bean ended up coming in as well so I was excited to see how I stacked up against 3 of the top 10 horses in the whole Zed metaverse".

          And stack up he did! Not many new horses can jump in a huge pot race and take down some champions but Ryan McLearen did and funny enough the name of that horse wasn't exactly planned either, "As far as the name goes, funny story... I was asking my buddy for some names and he was just giving me the dumbest names possible, so as a joke, I just named the horse after him, little did I know this horse would have the potential to become Zed royalty."

          Zed Royalty?! Ambitious but entirely possible. Hunter has a solid breeding plan for his stable which so far has been executed as planned....well, after the first hiccups of breeding barn frenzy that is. It will be interesting to see if he can continue the success that he has. In the meantime there's a new contender in town and Class I better watch out because Ryan McLearen is coming for you! And who knows, maybe he'll even get his owner Twitter account to start talking smack to the likes of Vanilla Bean, Ducky Mallon and The Crimson Chin!

          What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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