ROSE BLACKPINK - Z5 Szabo Legendary

Today's spotlight is on Rose Blackpink, a Legendary Szabo racer out of CryptidRacing Collective.  Rose Blackpink has been around for awhile and before the breeding barn opened could be seen on the track quite often dominating races. One of the stable owners was was very happy to share with us some details about this stable which is actually a collective. The following family tree sourced from


        Rose's Sire: 

        • Butterscotch #506 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
        • Coat Color Super Rare: Papaya Whip
        • 15 Paid Races
        • 6.67% Win Rate
        • 26.67% Show Rate
        • -22.37% ROI
        • Average Odds 12.07
        • Not U Shaped
        • 39 offspring : of note are
          • Neon Glow: 20% Win Rate, 20% Show Rate (5 Paid Races) (Dam is Rain Drop)
          • Sea World: 11.66% Win Rate, 29.25% Show Rate (506 Paid Races) (Dam is Confection Detection)
          • Gyro Zeppeli: 10.92% Win Rate, 31.09% Show Rate (119 Paid Races) (Dam is Uprising) (Color Coat Rare: Sir Aquamarine)
          • Starbucks: 10.87% Win Rate, 30.43% Show Rate (46 Paid Races) (Dam is Heart Fire)
          • Rogue Chaser: 9.52% Win Rate, 25.4% Show Rate (126 Paid Races) (Dam is Python) *currently owned by SeanVsAll
          • Tokyo Drift: 10% Win Rate, 20% Show Rate (30 Paid Races) (Dam is Icebae) (Color Coat Rare: Misty Rose)
          • Selena Gomez: 7.79% Win Rate, 28.57% Show Rate (308 Paid Races) (Dam is Race Highlights)
          • Rose Blackpink (discussed below)

        Rose's Dam

        • Growing Up Is Good #1094 Z3 Genesis Szabo
        • Coat Color Super Rare: Honeydew
        • 6 Paid Races
        • 0% Win Rate
        • 16.67% Show Rate
        • -45.03% ROI
        • Average Odds 11.37
        • Not U Shaped
        • 6 offspring : of note are
          • Today and Tomorrow: 6.25% Win Rate, 25% Show Rate (16 Paid Races) (Sire is Resolution Altruism)
          • Rose Blackpink (discussed below) (born March 3rd, 2021)

          Rose Blackpink:

          • Z5 Szabo Legendary
          • Coat Color Rare: Misty Rose
          • 1302 Paid Races
          • 13.67% Win Rate
          • 31.18% Show Rate
          • Average odds 9.16 (see graph below)
          • U shaped (see graph below)
          • 11.84% +ROI
          • 0.5715 ETH profit to date
          • Mare
            • Offspring:
              • purpleino: 6.73% Win Rate, 22.12% Show Rate, 14.45 Ave Odds (104 Paid Races (Sire is Streamer) (Color Coat Rare: Pale Violet)
              • Violetto: 6.72% Win Rate, 26.05% Show Rate, 12.37 Ave Odds (119 Paid Races (Sire is Streamer) (Color Coat Rare: Pale Violet)
              • Ms Blackpink: 0% Win Rate, 0% Show Rate, Ave Odds 19.23 (3 Paid Races) (Sire is Chester) (Color Coat Rare: Pale Violet)

          It's evident that Rose Blackpink comes from good parents. Although win rates are not through the roof on either parent, they both sport very good odds (which are relative depending on who you ask). But a 12 odd average dad and a 11 odd average mom combined well to make this star horse. When odds go away it will be a bit more difficult to determine if a parent is a good runner so going forward we will have to change the metrics that we look at.

          With offspring of her own that currently have odds information available we can see that 2 of those have competitive odds, both of which are from the same Sire. A definite good paring of those algorithms compared to the 3rd offspring with a different sire which is not as competitive. How that competitiveness changes once odds are gone will have to be determined.

          Something we don't talk about very much is coat color. In this case 2 Super Rare Coats produced this rare coat offspring and we can see that a few other rare coats pop up in other offspring. There is no sure fire way to get a rare coat offspring or a SuperCoat, the algorithm for that seems completely random and some colors assigned seem from a completely different color family at times. Rose Blackpink herself has 3 offspring with 2 different sires who are ALL Coat Color Rare: Pale Violet!

          Rose Blackpink has been around for awhile and has changed hands a few times coming to rest now in CryptidRacing Collective's stable. One of the stable's members had this to say: "As our name implies, we are a group of friends working to build and promote our stable and the greater ZED RUN community. I'm Chris. I handle most of the day-to-day racing as well as the burgeoning breeding program. I've been involved in analog horse racing my entire life (my Dad worked at a track in Louisville, Kentucky, when I was born, and my cousin works for the city producing the Kentucky Derby Festival). Ian is our social media manager, which involves running Twitter, stable-stable communications, and keeping the rest of the team informed of relevant gameplay announcements and updates. Ian also keeps a close eye on the Stud market and helps me decide when/what price to list a Stud. And then we have a third member who works full-time as a data scientist in finance but is kind enough to offer their assistance helping us make sense of the troves of data we produce in a given day/week."

          It's interesting to get this insight into a collective as we don't see very many of them right now in the ZED Ecosystem. Also, having never been part of one myself, seeing how roles are broke down between members is something for me to keep in mind for the future. As ZED continues to grow I think we will also see growth in the number of collectives/syndicates pooling assets and sharing ownership. It may come to a point years in the future when if you want to own a high profile stable or trade in Z1's, etc. that a collective will be the most accessible way for people to do so. But back to Chris and his stables strategy!

          "To that last point about the troves of data we produce. Our racing strategy at this moment is best summed as trying to take advantage of a period of relatively cheap data while we still have access to it. The odds were terrific, and we will miss them very much. But beyond that, fatigue looks to alter our strategy as it should prevent us from getting the returns off multiple races in a single day. As the game progresses, our racing strategy will still involve a period of discovery. Still, with implementing the new 'low-wins' races, I feel the importance of discovering a prime runner has decreased somewhat as horses that were previously 'glue' could find new life as profitable runners within more level competition. That said, one of our goals is to create a line of above-average runners from the genesis to elite breeds. For us, these horses should be thoroughly raced (150+), so certain aspects of our discovery process should remain in place as we advance, with perhaps some diminished importance on classifying a horse internally before we start to race them more regularly."

          The updated announcement from ZED wasn't even 24 hours old when Chris was kind enough to send me the above strategy for his stable. In ZED, if you want to succeed, part of that success is dependent on your ability to stay fluid and adapt. We are constantly in flux and building the game up and out. Scaling is occurring much more rapidly than the last 2 years combine in my opinion. It's important to define what your goals are, pathways to those goals and then modify those pathways when necessary. CryptidRacing Collective is doing just that less than a day into the announcement. They obviously have long term goals and have a "big picture" vision for not just their stable but for the game in general. Breeding is also one of those areas that is fluid.

          "Breeding wasn't open when I started the game. So our breeding strategy is still being developed. Still, I am very intrigued by the lines that begin with four to eight genesis horses and then introduce cross-breeding between the Stallions around the Exclusive level. We're experimenting with a four-horse Nakamoto line, four-horse Finney, and an eight-horse Buterin line at this time. I'm writing a more extensive blog post about our thoughts on Breeding for our website Thursday."

          And I think this leads us to a final note on ZED Run. ZED is a game of discovery. Yes it's a horse racing game and we all want to make money doing it. But if it was a straight line from A to B it firstly wouldn't be very much fun and secondly wouldn't be as lucrative for us or ZED and it would eventually suffer it's own demise. We want ZED Run to last, we want it around in 10+ years. So although odds are being altered, we don't know how exactly the algorithm works for breeding, and we never know what will change the grand scheme of things that is good for ALL of us. Stay fluid, adapt to changes and maybe even invite a group of friends and start your own collective stable. 

          What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born and collective stables? I look forward to hearing from you! See you on the track!

          *A big thank you to Chris for taking the time to share his collectives strategies and the background of members of the collective. Make sure to go check out their website, the more information we share with each other the stronger we will be!

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