PRIMO FILIUS - Z17 Buterin Legendary

Today's spotlight is on Primo Filius, a Legendary Buterin, Powder Blue (Rare Coat) racer out of Kraks Stable. Powder Blue is one of my favorite colors in ZED and when the owner of Primo said I should check him out I just had to give one of the best colors in ZED some ink (yes I am biased to Powder Blues lol). The following family tree sourced from

      Primo's Sire: 

      • Rush to First #20356 Z9 Genesis Buterin
      • Unraced
      • 8 offspring : of note are
        • Name Exists 11.43% Win Rate, 28.57% Show Rate (35 Paid Races) (dam is Celtic Rule)
        • Child of Novus 0% Win Rate, 0% Show Rate (3 Paid Races) (dam is In and Out) (potentially promising odds shown in graph below)

        • Bedsheet Surprise 7.14% Win Rate, 28.57% Show Rate (14 Paid Races) (dam is Little Effort)
        • Minimus (discussed below)
        • Primo Filius (discussed below)


      Primo's Dam

      • Smoky Mirror #14418 Z8 Genesis Buterin
      • Unraced
      • 4 offspring : of note are
        • Minimus 7.14% Win Rate, 32.14% Show Rate (56 Paid Races) (sire is Rush to First) (Powder Blue - Rare Coat)
        • Otis -pulled a 10.53 in his Griffin and is currently being tested but odds are pretty good (sire is Supreme Line)

        • Primo Filius (discussed below) (born June 29th, 2021)

      Primo Filius:

      • Z17 Buterin Legendary
      • 101 Paid Races
      • 27.72% Win Rate
      • 44.55% Show Rate
      • Average odds 7.02 (see graph below)
      • U shaped (front end weighted)(see graph below)
      • 128.27% +ROI
      • 0.0031 ETH profit to date
      • unbred colt
      • Powder Blue - Rare Coat

      Primo Filius is a strong racer competitive across all lengths but especially long distances. Another awesome horse coming out of the newly reopened breed barn! He's managed to already work himself up to Class 2. Since his U shape is front end heavy it's harder for him to rule the lower classes. At the current rate of wins vs losses he'll be up in Class 1 in no time.

      Ascertaining the source of his race ability is once again a treasure hunt as both parents are unraced. Primo's dam, Smoky Mirror has produced both him and Minimus with the same sire and they are both good racers (although different caliber of racer). Otis with a different sire could be promising but it's too early to tell and we would have to follow him to see how he performs.

      With Rush to First, Primo's sire, it's evident he has sired a couple competitive offspring, 2 with Smoky Mirror and the other 3 are with three different dams. From this we can gather Rush to First has good racing DNA, we don't know if he himself is a runner but his DNA seems to combine well when breeding and produces decent offspring. Smoky Mirrors may be able to run otherwise she is a great conduit for passing on race DNA. 

      I would continue to breed Rush to First and Smoky Mirror every breed cycle in the hopes of replicating Primo Fillus. Not every offspring is identical, there is a variance between the offspring but for the most part they stay similar in odds and even performance. There will be outliers that have unfavorable odds but if you can find a pairing that gives consistently good horses then KEEP breeding them together!

      Controlling your breeding pair is one of the easiest ways to gather data in Zed. You control all the factors in between breeding horses ie, if you've studded them with another, if you've raced them, etc. Being consistent with breeding  experimentation is key. Take notes of all factors and variables! We keep doing this maybe we can, if not "Break the Code", start to see how it mutates.

      For these reasons I really hope Rush to First and Smoky Mirror continue to be bred together. It will also be interesting to see what Primo Filius' offspring can do when he can breed!

      What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

      PS: A big shout out to TK and Ryan over at! Their site is invaluable in being able to break down horses and they are constantly adding new features daily! Thank you for constantly listening to your users and giving us what we ask for!


      • I think I would leave Primo Filius’ parents unraced as well. We don’t know if there is mutation in the algorithm with racing and since they are such a great breeding pair why risk it?! I love hearing the story of your stable and the thought process you have put into breeding. I am of the same opinion right now that some horses breed better together than others…it’s just finding that compatible pair that can sometimes take time. I wish you continued success breeding them and in ZED Run as a whole! Thank you for suggesting I take a look at him! Cheers!

      • I am very much a believer in breeding pairs not saying that only 2 horses fit together just that some pairs of DNA fit better together than others. And in Rush to First and Smoky Mirror I’ve been lucky in finding a great pair. But as you also write some of the other foals of both parents seem to be good as well.
        At one point I had a theory that Smoky Mirror might be good at breeding rare color coats because 3 of her 4 foals has been rare. I was very surprised that both Primo and Minimus both were Powder Blue when their parents are Royal Blue.
        The reason that Smoky Mirror bred outside the stable was both to test her DNA with others and to get new blood into my stable.
        I’m not a big believer in the theory the winners breed winners. I think we have a lot of examples of 2 winners having bad or mediocre foals. And also examples where bad horses breed good horses. But who really knows. And in Primos case he is the first foal from 2 unraced horses, so we don’t know if they are good. And we might never know because at this point in time I’m not sure Rush to First and Smoky Mirror will ever race in fear ruining or changing what makes them a great breeding pair.

        Stable history
        I started my stable with 5 genesis, 3 filly’s (from the mega drop) and 2 colts (from the echo drop). I still haven’t begun buying or selling on OS. Now I have 17 horses in all.

        In my breeding I’ve been lucky to have a great co op with ZedGazette, so together we are testing and experimenting.
        My thought is that Rush to First and Smoky Mirror will have a lot more foals. I’m of course excited to see if they can breed another Primo but also if they keep producing powder blues.

        Kraks Stable

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