POODL to the MOON - Z15 Buterin Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on POODL to the Moon, another Buterin racer but this time an Exclusive. I wanted to focus on him after being reminded of not just what a good horse he is on the track but also because he seems to have what many like to call the "spook factor". Is it real? Possibly, or it's just a really good horse with odds that are "to the moon" in the 1000m. The following family tree sourced from https://zedrun.tools/bloodline/15393.

POODL's Maternal Grandsire: 

  • Amoral Keepsake #268 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • Coat Color Rare: Sir Aquamarine
  • Unraced - no Griffin
  • 32 offspring: Coat Colors of interest
    • 15 of which are Chartreuse
    • 6 of which are Sir Aquamarine
  • 32 offspring: of note are
    • Boba Fett [Sir Aquamarine Super Coat] 9.09% Win Rate, 27.27% Show Rate (dam is Dot Com)
    • Robin Hood 21.17% Win Rate, 39.42% Show Rate (dam is San Francisco)
    • James Harden 21.05% Win Rate, 42.11% Show Rate (dam is Robert Lewandowski)

    POODL's Maternal Granddam:

    • Secret Circle #5573 Z10 Genesis Buterin
    • 1 Paid Races
    • 16.98 odds
    • 8th place finish
    • 1 offspring

      POODL's Sire:

    • It's My Choice #1805 Z4 Genesis Szabo
    • 9 Paid Races
    • 22.22% Win Rate
    • 33.33% Show Rate
    • +ROI currently at 188.98%
    • Average Odds
    • 8 offspring

    POODL's Dam:

    • Italia Mig #5579 Z11 Legendary Buterin
    • Coat Color Rare: Sir Aquamarine
    • 970 Paid Races
    • 12.58% Win Rate
    • 34.43% Show Rate
    • U shaped, weighted on the back end a bit more
    • Odds average 1000m = 9.87
    • Odds average 1200m = 10.42
    • 4 offspring

      POODL to the MOON:

      • Z15 Buterin Exclusive
      • Coat Color Rare: Sir Aquamarine
      • 1415 Paid Races
      • 20.42% Win Rate
      • 35.41% Show Rate
      • odds great across almost all distances
        • notably 1200m 7.21 (372 races)
        • BEAST MODE!! 1000m 5.84 (532 races)
      • U shaped
      • 84.16% +ROI
      • 4.2277 ETH profit to date

      First things first I think we can admit alot of us see POODL on the track and go "oh shit" or something to that effect lol. I personally won't enter a race if I can help it with POODL already in there. He shoots my "better" racer's odds up by minimum 2.0 points and my "good" racer's up by about 3 points. I have heard that he has an even more adverse effect on other ponies' odds. This "spook factor" maybe spooks the stable owners more than our digital horses but none the less he can single handedly push up the odds on entire race field.

      Being an Exclusive, POODL has a relatively small family tree right now. His bloodline like all those looked at so far starts with Z1 Nakamoto blood in his grandsire. It's hard to judge if Amoral Keepsake is a runner himself though as he remains unraced with no Griffin. He does have a few offspring of note but 17 of 32 remain unraced including Darth Vader (aptly colored Space Sparkle), Sirius Black, Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft. Can I just say much respect to the mad game this person has for naming horses!! Not enough of his offspring have been raced in my opinion to be able to say he is technically the sole source of great DNA in this line but if more of his offspring get raced down the road we can revisit him.

      Italia Mig, POODL's dam, is a great racer in her own right and his sire, It's My Choice is potentially as well but with only 9 races under his belt there just isn't enough data to draw that conclusion. Looking at POODL's and Italia Mig's graphs and stats it's safe to say POODL very closely mirrors his dam's racing profile. They are both sprint specialists, dominating both the 1000m and 1200m. Did mating Italia Mig with a Genesis Szabo help stabilize that DNA and thereby make POODL "faster" in the sprints? Did it help swing the 12th place weighted U shape of Italia Mig into the 1st place weighted U shape of POODL? It's just a theory. Szabo DNA may be the stabilizing factor going forward but we need alot more time in the breeding barn to figure that out!

      What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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      • Great read, loved all your breed reviews. Keep up the great work.

        John Allegro (Dream Stable)

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