PLINKO PHUNK - Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on Plinko Phunk, an Exclusive Nakamoto racer from this recent breeding cycle.  Born on June 29th, Plinko has the distinction of being 1 of 45 offspring from that brief moment when breeding reopened and it was pandemonium. The following family tree sourced from

Plinko's Maternal GrandSire: 

  • Domain #8753 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 20 Paid Races
  • 0% Win Rate
  • 30% Show Rate
  • Variable odds all above 19.0
  • Not U shaped
  • As of this writing currently is in the Stud Barn for 0.5 ETH
  • 24 offspring : of note are
    • Conqueror 10.96% Win Rate, 31.53% Show Rate (73 Paid Races)(dam is Remote Desktop)
      • As of this writing Conqueror is in the Stud Barn for 0.135 ETH
    • Dragon City 7.02% Win Rate, 21.05% Show Rate (57 Paid Races) (dam is Remote Desktop)
    • Aetherian Project (discussed below)
    • Churchill (discussed below)
    • Flowers of Manchester (discussed below)

Plinko's Maternal GrandDam: 

  • Gravity Pull #7826 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 19 Paid Races
  • 21.05% Win Rate
  • 47.37% Show Rate
  • 177.76% +ROI
  • Not U shaped, 1-6 weighted
  • 13 offspring : of note are
    • Aetherian Project 11.63% Win Rate, 30.23% Show Rate (43 Paid Races) (sire is Domain)
    • Churchill 6.06% Win Rate, 28.28% Show Rate (99 Paid Races) (TWIN to Flowers of Manchester) (Sire is Domain)
    • Flowers of Manchester (discussed below)


      Plinko's Sire: 

      • Decentralizing Currency #13071 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
      • Unraced
      • No Griffin
      • 45 offspring : all from this current breeding cycle and being tested or unraced (stats not updated for these as they are changing rapidly)
        • Bolivar Blanco
        • Oceanus
        • Central
        • Mine That Bird
        • Nak Off
        • Trotsky
        • Nyroom
        • Fly You Fools
        • Pink Sniper
        • Decentralizing Zone
        • Mr Nimbus
        • Turbo Trotter
        • I Race For Mane
        • Xtrabytes
        • Pay That Man His Money
        • Sweet Sweet Currency
        • Zor-El
        • Chastain
        • Missterious
        • King Arthur
        • Strawberry Wine
        • Jor-El
        • WHACKD
        • Shadow Runner
        • Milan
        • I identify as a horse
        • Time Bandit
        • (unnamed foal)
        • The Silver Bullet
        • Fake Business
        • Everlong
        • Strange Powers
        • Decentralizing Lead
        • Fastjack
        • Suns in 4
        • Banana Split
        • Edgar Allan Pony
        • Doja Cat
        • Tickle Me Pink
        • Keep It Like A Secret
        • Marmalade Madge
        • Atom Bomb
        • Peter Nincompeup
        • Island Time

      Plinko's Dam

      • Flowers of Manchester #15572 Z4 Legendary Nakamoto
      • 40 Paid Races
      • 7.5% Win Rate
      • 30% Show Rate
      • Middle of the road odds (see graph below)
      • Not U shaped
      • -ROI
      • 1 offspring, Plinko Phunk

        Plinko Phunk:

        • Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive
        • 95 Paid Races
        • 20% Win Rate
        • 35.79% Show Rate
        • Sub 9 odds across almost all distances (see graph below)
        • U shaped
        • 48.78% +ROI
        • 0.2436 ETH profit to date
        • unbred filly

        With breeding reopened once again we are focusing on one of the very competitive racers out of this cycle so far, Plinko Phunk. He has solid odds and stats and is racing competitively across all classes. Plinko Phunk also has 44 brothers and sisters to compare to thanks to the breeding pandemonium that caused many studs to get hit multiple times beyond the 3 offspring threshold.

        This is a stacked line of Nakamotos. Decentralizing Currency, Plinko's sire, is the horse in question that happened to give out 45 studs. There are several reasons for this A) breeding reopened and people immediately bombarded the system trying to post their studs to the barn, the lag was so bad some people had to attempt multiple times to get their stud in the barn. B) Decentralizing Currency was put in for minimum stud, the owner, like many of us, thought there would be time to get our studs done with our own horses (in this case the owner of DC wasn't even able to breed with their own stud despite multiple attempts). C) When a Genesis Nakamoto goes into the stud barn for minimum you immediately get an overwhelming response which at the time the system was not able to keep up with, this is good to note for the future when putting in good studs for minimum prices.

        Decentralizing Currency is an unraced Genesis but judging by the offspring that have performed so far it is safe to say that DC has some racing ability of his own or at least his DNA does. In the future, this will be one of those Stud horses that people go looking for to breed with, given the multitude of performing offspring.

        Not to be outdone is Flowers of Manchester, Plinko's dam. She has a fair win/place/show of her own. Nothing to get crazy about but she is not glue. Her dam, Plinko's granddam is a very solid runner. Gravity Pull pulls very good odds for the most part and does NOT like to lose with a 1-6 placement stacked graph. She has also given birth to a few solid offspring (2 are twins).

        Plinko's grandsire, Domain has meh odds and no wins. He has however sired several competitive racers. He may not be able to run but his DNA makes up for it.

        This breed is another case for stacking Naks in offspring. Throw in a well performing sire in Decentralizing Currency and you have the perfect storm. DC was untested and unbred, if not for the anomaly of 45 breeds in 1 cycle it may have taken a very long time to figure that out (15 months if we want to go by a 3 stud per month ratio). When looking for studs this is something to keep in mind when experimenting with breeding whether the unraced is from your own stable or another.

        What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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