PINKMAN - Z7 Nakamoto Elite

Today's spotlight is on Pinkman, our first Nakamoto racer to be reviewed to date. Pinkman is another one of those "oh shit" horses, meaning when you go to enter a race and you see him you say "oh shit" lol. This is also our first family tree with stacked horses, in this case the stacking of Nakamoto blood. The following family tree sourced from

Pinkman's Paternal Great-Grandsire: 

  • Wall Street #2 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 14 Paid Races
  • 28.57% Win Rate
  • 57.14% Show Rate
  • Odds average 9.45
  • 23 offspring : of note are
    • Silver Rocket 6.1% Win Rate, 30.49% Show Rate (dam is Watch Your Spending)
    • ENTERPRISE 9.09% Win Rate, 27.27% Show Rate (dam is Navy Dancer)
    • Syrax 11.93% Win Rate, 29.3% Show Rate (dam is Sublimation)
    • Steamy 33.33% Win Rate, 66.67% Show Rate (dam is As Good As It Gets)
    • Go Long 16.18% Win Rate, 30.88% Show Rate (dam is Ace of Spades)
    • Big Fish 5.56 Win Rate, 27.78% Show Rate (dam is Super Spirit)
    • Blade 18.37% Win Rate, 32.65% Show Rate (dam is Ace of Spades)

Pinkman's Paternal Great-Granddam: 

  • Chase Jackson #1 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • Unraced
  • 10 offspring : of note are
    • Bonnie Parker 15.06% Win Rate, 32.43% Show Rate (sire is The Weekend)
    • Clyde Barrow 8.33% Win Rate, 25.0% Show Rate (sire is The Weekend) (twin to Bonnie Parker)
    • Lovely Witch (discussed below)

Pinkman's Paternal Grandsire: 

  • Billions #7700 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • Coat Color One of a Kind: Fortune
  • 333 Paid Races
  • 15.02% Win Rate
  • 41.44% Show Rate
  • Odds: see graph
  • 35 offspring : of note are
    • Crusher 13.68% Win Rate, 34.74% Show Rate (dam is August Sunset)
    • Boy Blue 7.69% Win Rate, 23.08% Show Rate (dam is Collision Course)
    • Magic Fortune 15.38% Win Rate, 30.77% Show Rate  (13 paid races) (dam is Magic Million)
    • Ahsoka Tano 13.33% Win Rate, 26.67% Show Rate (15 paid races) (dam is Prophecy)
    • Mysty 11.28% Win Rate, 30.08% Show Rate (dam is If You Ask Me)
    • Bullions 9.47 Win Rate, 23.16% Show Rate (dam is Invisible River)
    • Poppers 11.11% Win Rate, 55.65% Show Rate (9 paid races) (dam is For the Fans)
    • White Sands 6.06% Win Rate, 27.27% Show Rate (dam is Bermuda Triangle)
    • Charmer 9.09% Win Rate, 9.09% Show Rate (22 paid races) (dam is On My Command)
    • Montgomery Burns (discussed below)

Pinkman's Paternal Granddam: 

  • Lovely Witch #4521 Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
  • 2 Paid Races
  • 0% Win Rate
  • 0% Show Rate
  • Odds 12.3 and 13.25 respectively.
  • 11 offspring : of note are
    • Montgomery Burns 10.98% Win Rate, 29.27% Show Rate (sire is Billions)

Pinkman's Maternal Grandsire: 

  • Mercury Rising #911 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 100 Paid Races
  • 1.0% Win Rate
  • 18% Show Rate
  • Average odds >20 across all distances
    • 20 offspring: of note are
      • Ocean Mercury 18.6% Win Rate, 39.53% Show Rate (dam is Arizona Sunset)
      • La Belle Meuniere 14.29% Win Rate, 28.57% Show Rate (dam is Smoothy)
      • Kamino 12.82% Win Rate, 17.95% Show Rate (dam is Praise Be Retrace)
      • MANZCOIN 5.26% Win Rate, 15.79% Show Rate (dam is Boet)
      • Blue Diamond 6.17% Win Rate, 16.05% Show Rate (dam is The Big O)
      • Latte Macchiato 6.19% Win Rate, 29.9% Show Rate (dam is Satele Shan)
      • The Witch 9.16% Win Rate, 22.14% Show Rate (dam is Champs-Elysees)

      Pinkman's Maternal Granddam:

      • Glorious Hero #916 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
      • 403 Paid Races
      • 10.92% Win Rate
      • 40.55% Show Rate
      • Average odds 10.29 across all distances
      • Not U shaped
      • 40.55% +ROI
      • 2.46 ETH profit to date
      • 5 offspring

          Pinkman's Sire:

        • Scrooge McDuck #8333 Z3 Exclusive Nakamoto
        • 0 Paid Races
        • Griffin odds 15.89
        • 5 offspring: of note are
          • Ho Lee Sheet 9.09% Win Rate, 40.91% Show Rate (dam is Always Active)
          • Pinkman (discussed below)

        Pinkman's Dam:

        • Cryptonaute #9056 Z4 Legendary Nakamoto
        • 4 Paid Races
        • 0% Win Rate
        • 0% Show Rate
        • Odds average 16.67 across the 3 distances ran
        • 5 offspring: of note are
          • Geekette 13.34% Win Rate, 24.6% Show Rate (sire is Shazam)
          • Kawa 20% Win Rate, 40% Show Rate [over 10 paid races] (sire is Lineage)
          • Pinkman (discussed below)


          • Z7 Nakamoto Elite
          • 1259 Paid Races
          • 20.97% Win Rate
          • 35.58% Show Rate
          • Sub 9 odds across all distances
          • U shaped
          • 68.22% +ROI
          • 5.131 ETH profit to date
          • unbred colt

          The pressure must be real! Showing up to the track and having to live up to your legacy is huge, especially when your great grandsire is Wall Street and your grandsire is Billions...oh the pressure!

          I could have stopped right there and said it was obvious what makes Pinkman good but we have to realize that both Wall Street and Billions have produced alot of offpspring, grandchildren and great grandchildren and there are some definite non racers coming off those blood lines as well.

          Immediately up Pinkman's family tree you will notice that there is not a lot of information regarding Pinkman's sire and dam's racing ability. His dam and sire have raced a whopping 4 paid races combined and their race odds are average. On Pinkman's sires side it's evident the talent comes from Billions DNA and further up the tree Wall Street. Chase Jackson is an unknown as she is unraced and we can only speculate as to her contribution of DNA. Chase Jackson does have a set of twins that are fairly good racers with another stallion, The Weekend but he is unraced as well.

          On the maternal side of Pinkman's family tree Glorious Hero emerges as a very strong racer in her own right with great stats (go grandma). Mercury Rising while he does not have great race stats has sired quite a few racers so it can be argued that he carries/combines DNA well with his mates.

          This data is interesting in the fact that it brings up the question of DNA "skipping generations". Both Pinkman's parents are really nothing spectacular, but they both managed to get together and produce Pinkman. I would argue they were able to carry down that race DNA from both sides to coalesce into the great racer that is Pinkman. So in a sense, Pinkman was born from "glue" depending on what your definition of glue is. Before you get rid of your "glue" ponies it's worth considering the bloodlines they come from and taking a chance in a breeding cycle with them. The worst that happens is you have a non racer born that you can sell on an open market. At best that DNA comes to the forefront and the next great Pinkman is born.

          What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!


          • Yes, I think once breeding reopens you’ll see a shift from only “racers” being important. Figuring out what mixes well with others to make great offspring is a passion of mine right now. I may not have a “racer” but that doesn’t mean we can’t breed them! It’s telling to see that Lovely Witch is the great great Granddam of Desert Rose, the bloodline is definitely strong with that one!

          • Really enjoy reading these, thanks so much! Breeding is my interest too over racing, but hardly anyone else seems to value good breeding horses, they are only interested in racing ability. Surely this changes over time once breeding opens.

            Also worth noting that if you go further down the tree of Pinkman’s Granddam Lovely Witch’s offspring, you will find many top racers such as Desert Rose and Goldy. The connections between the top bred racers are there if you dig deep enough!


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