Monkey Tack - Z9 Szabo Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on Monkey Tack, our first Szabo racer to be reviewed to date. I was following SeanvsAll on TwitchTV last night betting on races and saw Monkey Tack rearing it's head in some of them just dominating the track per usual. Szabos' overall have a reputation for not being great runners (it's always said they are the great breeders or may be made for steeplechase racing, etc) so let's dive in to Monkey Tack's family tree and see what makes him special. This following family tree sourced from

Monkey's Maternal Grandsire: 

  • Eternity Infinity #917 Z2 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 34 Paid Races
  • 2.94% Win Rate
  • 23.53% Show Rate
  • Average odds 11.695 across all distances
    • 7 offspring: of note are
      • Vesper 6.13 Win Rate, 22.7% Show Rate (dam is My Way Out of Fear)
      • Genesis Breaker 13.04% Win Rate, 21.74% Show Rate (dam is Stop and Start)
      • Royal Tannenbaum 6.56% Win Rate, 19.67% Show Rate (dam is Penny Loafer)
      • Monkey Dagger (already discussed below)

      Monkey's Maternal Granddam:

      • Monkey Knife #13609 Z4 Genesis Szabo
      • 364 Paid Races
      • 13.19% Win Rate
      • 31.04% Show Rate
      • Average odds 9.64
      • 19.15% + ROI
      • U shaped but 1st weighted much more heavily than 12th
      • 2 offspring (Monkey Blade by another sire is not competitive)

        Monkey's Sire:

      • Ghost Buster #13552 Z3 Genesis Szabo
      • Unraced
      • 7 offspring
        • All of Ghost Buster's offspring have performed at some level

      Monkey's Dam:

      • Monkey Dagger #15747 Z6 Legendary Szabo
      • 16 Paid Races
      • 12.5% Win Rate
      • 25% Show Rate
      • Not U shaped
      • Odds average 16.18 across all distances
      • 2 offspring

        Monkey Tack:

        • Z9 Szabo Exclusive
        • 2064 Paid Races
        • 16.91% Win Rate
        • 34.16% Show Rate
        • odds great across almost all distances
        • U shaped
        • 62.28% +ROI
        • 3.7064 ETH profit to date

        As with previous horse breakdowns, this family tree starts with Nakamoto blood. Eternity Infinity (currently housed in Doofy Breakers stable) is a Z2 Genesis Nak. He doesn't have a huge win rate, has a solid show rate and has consistent odds across all distances. He may not be a "great racer" in his own right but he does have the ability to produce runners ie 4/7 offspring have 5% or better win rates and all those offspring are from different breed partners. This makes me believe that breeding with Eternity Infinity is more than likely to result in a competitive offspring.

        Monkey Tack's granddam is a very good runner in her own right and the resulting offspring with Eternity Infinity, Monkey Dagger, also has excellent w/p/s numbers. Her other offspring (Monkey Shiv) with a different sire is not competitive. Leading to further the conclusion that Eternity Infinity passes on competitive DNA well.

        It's evident Monkey Tack comes from a family tree of good runners with solid stats but it's questionable if Monkey Tack would be as good as he is if he had a different Grandsire.  The ability of certain horses to pass down attributes and potentiate the strengths of their mates bears some consideration. Does Monkey Tack have that same ability to take the best of his breeding partners and produce offspring that are competitive. Being a colt he has not been breed yet but hopefully fillies with strong race attributes are chosen. And is anyone else wondering what the next "Monkey" name will be? It looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out as breeding is still delayed.

        What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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