MANE EVENT - Z22 Buterin Elite

Today's spotlight is on Mane Event, another Buterin Elite great racer. The following family tree sourced from

Mane's Paternal Great-Grandsire: 

  • Wall Street #2 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • 14 Paid Races
  • 28.57% Win Rate
  • 57.14% Show Rate
  • Odds average 9.45
  • 23 offspring : of note are
    • Silver Rocket 6.1% Win Rate, 30.49% Show Rate (dam is Watch Your Spending)
    • ENTERPRISE 9.09% Win Rate, 27.27% Show Rate (dam is Navy Dancer)
    • Syrax 11.93% Win Rate, 29.3% Show Rate (dam is Sublimation)
    • Steamy 33.33% Win Rate, 66.67% Show Rate (dam is As Good As It Gets)
    • Go Long 16.18% Win Rate, 30.88% Show Rate (dam is Ace of Spades)
    • Big Fish 5.56 Win Rate, 27.78% Show Rate (dam is Super Spirit)
    • Blade....already mentioned below

    Mane's Paternal Great-Granddam:

    • Ace of Spades #329 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
    • 1 Paid Races
    • 16.39 odds
    • 4th place finish
    • 12 offspring: of note are
      • Blue Eyed Girl 13.66% Win Rate, 31.06% Show Rate (sire is Motley)
      • Fancy Pants 14.29% Win Rate, 14.29% Show Rate (sire is Motley)
      • Blade....already mentioned below

      Mane's Paternal Grandsire:

    • Blade #10611 Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
    • 49 Paid Races
    • 18.37% Win Rate
    • 32.65% Show Rate
    • 7 offspring

    Mane's Paternal Granddam:

    • Grammys #13825 Z6 Genesis Finney
    • 92 Paid Races
    • 11.96% Win Rate
    • 27.17% Show Rate
    • Not U shaped
    • Odds average 9.87
    • 2 offspring

    Mane's Maternal Grandsire:

    • Reborn Racer #12261 Z9 Genesis Buterin
    • 1155 Paid Races
    • 16.19% Win Rate
    • 32.55% Show Rate
    • U shaped
    • Odds average 8.22 across all distances (except 2400m outlier)
    • 2 offspring

    Mane's Maternal Granddam:

    • Cracked #12793 Z5 Genesis Finney
    • 99 Paid Races
    • 13.13% Win Rate
    • 36.36% Show Rate
    • Not U shaped but finished positions dominate 1-4
    • Odds average 10.2
    • 2 offspring

    Mane's Sire:

    • Dark Knight #15240 Z8 Exclusive Finney
    • 11 Paid Races
    • 9.09% Win Rate
    • 27.27% Show Rate
    • Not U shaped
    • Odds in the 12-15 range
    • 4 offspring

    Mane's Dam:

    • Apocalypto #15519 Z14 Legendary Buterin
    • 30 Paid Races
    • 0% Win Rate
    • 10% Show Rate
    • Odds in the 20's
    • no other offspring

    Mane Event:

    • Z22 Buterin Elite
    • 2605 Paid Races
    • 17.24% Win Rate
    • 32.17% Show Rate
    • 8.53 odds average over all lengths ran
    • U shaped, weighted on the back end of that a bit more
    • 43.99% +ROI
    • 3.4286 ETH profit to date

    That's a whole lotta tree right there! But at the top, just like our previous spotlight (Steph Curry), are two Z1 Nakamotos starting it off. Wall Street's DNA is arguably some of the best out there as can be evidenced by some of the winning percentages in his offspring and Ace of Spades is no slouch either with 3 of her offspring performing strongly, 2 of which were from a different stud. The roots of Mane Event's family tree carry forward and then we see an interesting introduction of Finney blood.

    And not just any Finney but a strong performing Genesis Finney in Grammys. Dark Knight is the resulting offspring, a Finney Exclusive. Buterin blood is then introduced into the line having him bred with Apocalypto. She seems to be a middle of the road horse herself but then you have to look at her parents who are both very strong, Reborn Racer (a gem in Aloha Racing's stable) and Cracked. So Apocalypto comes to the table sporting some impressive DNA herself.

    Thus Mane Event is born. The product of some VERY good racers going down the line. His family tree is pretty stacked. Breeding Mane Event with another solid racer with solid racing lineage as well would more than likely, from looking at the data, spawn another great racer. I haven't picked the stable owner's brain on his breeding plan...maybe I'll do that next.

    What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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