LBJ GOAT - Nakamoto Exclusive

Today's spotlight is on LBJ Goat, an Exclusive Nakamoto racer that burst into the spotlight not that long ago and is already a force to be reckoned with.  Fun fact, LBJ Goat is actually a filly and not a colt...never assume by a name should be rule number one lol. The following family tree sourced from

LBJ's Paternal GrandSire: 

  • Think Big #13277 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • Unraced
  • No Griffin
  • 7 offspring : of note are
    • Longface 7.69% Win Rate, 30.77% Show Rate (13 Paid Races)(dam is Tesla)
    • Magic City 0% Win Rate, 33.33% Show Rate (6 Paid Races) (dam is Two Rights Make a Wrong)
    • ETH ATH (discussed below)

LBJ's Paternal GrandDam: 

  • Asteroid Fusion #13222 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
  • Unraced
  • No Griffin
  • 2 offspring : of note are
    • MJ Goat 0% Win Rate, 9.52% Show Rate (21 Paid Races) (sire is Patrick Star)
      • Below is the odds graph for MJ Goat, possible peek at what Top Shot Hot Horse's odds could be but their sire's are different.

      LBJ's Sire: 

      • Top Shot Hot Horse #17095 Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
      • Unraced
      • No Griffin
      • 5 offspring : of note are
        • Rainbow in the Dark 4.88% Win Rate, 24.39% Show Rate (dam is Strawberry Sugar)
        • Digital Detox 4.17% Win Rate, 12.5% Show Rate (dam is Digital Dash)
        • Sparkles 3.2% Win Rate, 23.2% Show Rate (dam is Gemstone) 
        • LBJ Goat (discussed below)

      LBJ's Dam

      • Bane #13202 Z1 Genesis Nakamoto
      • Unraced
      • No Griffin
      • 2 offspring : of note are
        • ETH ATH 4.55% Win Rate, 27.27% Show Rate (sire is Think Big)
        • LBJ Goat (discussed below)

      LBJ Goat:

      • Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive
      • 900 Paid Races
      • 16.56% Win Rate
      • 36.44% Show Rate
      • Diverse odds against all distances (2400m BEAST) (see graph below)
      • U shaped
      • 98.61% +ROI
      • 3.4052 ETH profit to date
      • unbred filly

      There's something flummoxing about trying to sort a horses racing ability when the entire family tree is unraced. LBJ Goat got her great racing ability from somewhere. Somewhere in that algorithm a 0 become a 1 or however it works and she was born to run. And when I say born to run I mean it. From her Griffin of 3.51 on April 14, 2021 she has done nothing but excel on the track.

      I started writing this article a few days ago. I began by recording her data and in that short period of days she ran another 100 races, increased her w/p/s % and increased her ETH profit by approximately literally 2 or 3 days, I ended up having to redo all her date. Until fatigue is turned on she is going to continue to dominate the field. I wish I had more to offer as far as her breeding line but honestly I can't make many inferences at all. Unraced direct line and offspring of relatives is either unraced, very lightly raced or not hugely competitive...not on an LBJ Goat level anyways.

      This may be where a case can be made strictly for the stacking of bloodlines. She has about as pure of a bloodline you can get. The lowest Z# Genesis Nakamotos were bred and then that offspring was again bred with a Z1. The bloodline doesn't get much purer than that. If LBJ Goat is bred her best chance of having a dominant offspring would be to breed her with a competitive Z1 Nakamoto or at least one that has the ability to pass down traits based on the performance of it's other offspring.


      The rarity of and purity of the Nakamoto bloodline is inherent in the success of quite a few racing horses out there. That is a value that cannot be replicated in any of the other bloodlines and will forever make owning a Z1 or Z2 valuable. That being said, please race your horses before you sell never know if you have the next Secretariat in your stable. This horses Griffin was a clue that she was competitive but without racing her after it we never know for sure.

      On June 2nd LBJ Goat was sold for 1.5 ETH on OpenSea. From the date of her Griffin to the day of her sale she was left unraced and then sold. As a side note is a great tool and provided me with this information easily with available search features.

      I remember being in the Zed Run General Discord the day she first ran after being sold. We were all taken aback asking where this horse had come from? She was a beast right from the get go. These were her numbers strictly 6/2 to 6/3:  50 Paid Races, 18% Win Rate, 42% Show Rate, 0.1531 ETH Profit, 107.67% +ROI. A very good investment on Arbitrage Racing's part made only 22 days ago as of this writing. Hard to believe this horse has only been running just over 3 weeks, feels like an eternity for my poor horses I run on the track.

      When breeding reopens it may not be a bad idea to experiment with stacking Nakamoto's or any of the other bloodlines. Just remember to run your horses before you sell them unless you are okay with giving away the next LBJ Goat!

      What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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