INK - Z14 Buterin Legendary

Today's spotlight is on INK, a strong Buterin Legendary racer therefore this family tree will be a bit shorter.  I chose him because he comes from a good bloodline and with breeding opening hopefully "soon" lol, we can follow the progress of that bloodline.  The following family tree sourced from

Ink's Sire: 

  • Boom Tune #2009 Z4 Genesis Szabo
  • 325 Paid Races
  • 15.69% Win Rate
  • 35.38% Show Rate
  • 52.67% +ROI
  • 1.496 ETH profit to date
  • Odds average shown below
  • U Shaped "with hiccups"
  • 10 offspring : of note are
    • Princess Nakamoto 14.15% Win Rate, 28.3% Show Rate (dam is Telemarketer Tear)
    • Bullets Fever 8.8% Win Rate, 27.2 % Show Rate (dam is Al Bum)
    • Ink (discussed below)

Ink's Dam: 

  • Triple Hill #14319 Z1 Genesis Buterin
  • 2 Paid Races
  • 5th and 6th place finishes
  • odds 45.57 and 28.45 respectively
  • 1 offspring : of note are
    • Ink (discussed below)


      • Z14 Buterin Legendary
      • 1051 Paid Races
      • 17.6% Win Rate
      • 35.3% Show Rate
      • Sub 9 odds across all distances (see graph below)
      • U shaped
      • 52.18% +ROI
      • 1.1609 ETH profit to date
      • unbred colt

      Boom Tune is well known in the Zed Run community. A good racer in his own right, he performs very well on the track. Despite that grand performance on the track he has only managed to sire 2 really good racers out of 10 offspring and 1 semi-good racer. This could in fact be the result of the females he has bred with. Once breeding reopens we can evaluate new offspring accordingly.

      In Ink's case it is easy to see that he gets his racing ability from his sire. Triple Hill with very limited race experience does not have the odds in those few races to remotely suggest innate racing ability of her own. She also has no other offspring with which to gauge if she has some inherent race makeup that she is passing down to offspring.

      I currently own one of Ink's siblings, Nakamoto's Nemesis. He doesn't make the cut as a great racer with only 16 paid races of his own 0 wins, 2 places and an average of 16.59 odds across 8 distances. I purchased him strictly for his breeding potential (ie bloodline). Only 2 grandchildren of Boom Tune exist so far, one with only 14 paid races and the other is not competitive. Experimentation with bloodlines will give us more answers (rather than fewer) down the road.

      Ink's racing ability is owed to his sire, it remains to be seen if he can pass that racing ability on as he is an unbred colt. In his case it's pretty safe to say his dam was glue (non competitive in racing). So in theory so far it seems one great racer can indeed breed with glue and make something great. However, if you want greater success in breeding really good racers it's probably still best to choose a breeding partner that exhibits decent race ability of their own. 

      What are your thoughts on what may have contributed to such a great racer being born? I look forward to hearing from you!

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