Today's spotlight is on Black Unicorn Equine stable and his Z22 Buterin Elite Mare, Hayley's Horse. We are happy to get to know this stable and his favorite horse. The following family tree sourced from https://zedrun.tools/bloodline/66289.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

  • My name is Giles, I’m an Englishman living in Canada after meeting my Canadian wife on a beach in Fiji, as you do! 
2.  How did you find Zed Run?
  • I’m a long time Hamish and Andy fan (Australian podcast for those who don’t know) After seeing them buy bitcoin and watching it skyrocket when they mentioned buying an NFT horse I figured I’d jump in with them and see what happens. At the time I had no idea what NFTs were, had 0 crypto assets and didn’t have the foggiest clue what MetaMask was. I rushed out figured that all out. Did a tiny bit of research (not enough) and my wife picked our first horse because she liked the colour. I liked the name “Sand Storm” and she had some Z1 blood in her so I went for it. Z12 Finney Elite.
3.  What’s your stable name?
  • My stable is called “Black Unicorn Equine” initially I was going to buy just black horses (I currently have 0) and my daughter is obsessed with Unicorns so I figure that’s where the name came from.
4.  What horse in your stable are you proudest of and why?
  • I am most proud of Hayley’s Horse. She’s the first horse I bred. I bred Sand Storm with a midnight black male in the hope of getting a midnight black offspring. Instead she came out pink! So I named her after my daughter and she’s easily my best racer. Z22 Elite Buterin. Most profitable horse in my stable. She’s quite happy to sit in class 5 and either come first or 12th. She’s a 2000 and 2400 runner but is absolutely useless in anything under 1600 so she’s very easy to keep in her class if she ever does move up to class 4. Where she can’t win for toffee. Occasionally she throws me a curve ball and decides to win a 1200m race. Then she will lose 3/4 2400s to make up for it. She’s typically good for a win a day and has the bulk of my stables wins by herself at 22 out of 60.
5.  What are your current goals with ZED Run?
  • My current Zed Run goal is to intelligently grow my stable through acquisition of horses that meet my stable plan. That is to create a stable that produces high quality Elite Finney offspring with a Z number ideally below 30. So a male finney genesis would be ideal so I can hold my elites at the elite level but otherwise I’m happy to bang together two Exclusive Finneys with relatively low Z numbers and some Szabo/Naka blood in them to see what happens. I’ve picked up a few bargains in the current market and hope that they pay dividends down the road.
  • I also have the goal of my Zed journey being financially self sustaining now. When free races had prize pools I managed to race enough to build up the money to buy two new Exclusive Finney Filly’s with rare/super rare coats! Now with free races being unpaid I have to adjust a little bit the hope is my racing pays for some profitable breeding which will in turn fund more racing/breeding and that will slowly allow me to build up my bank roll.
6.  Thing you like MOST about Zed?
  • The thing I like most about Zed Run by a million miles is the community. I’m not a super social person but I’ve really really enjoyed interacting with the community that has built up around this game. Opportunities to do things such as this and to watch the streams and listen to the podcasts has been great. People have been so generous with their time, getting to interview people like MJ, Syntribos and Eric Wong already for my podcast with hopefully many more to come has been so cool! In the game specifically I love the colours! Initially I thought it was completely stupid to have a green horse but now I love it, adds a great visual element to see these brightly coloured horses steaming down the track!
7.  Thing you like LEAST about Zed?
  • Thing I least like, I’ll skip the obvious sand bagging and gate selection ones. 
8.  What would you like to see changed or added to Zed Run?
  • I would like there to be a better system for us to know when certain races will populate so I don’t have to sit at my computer for an hour to get into a $2.50 1000m class four race.
9.  Most important thing you think a new stable should know?
  • New stables need to do their research before jumping in. Absorb information from multiple sources and form their own stable plans tailored to their planned journey and financial abilities. Know that the game is a lot of fun but takes ALOT of time to be good at so you’re not gonna go out and buy your Z38 Buterin and then start printing money. Understand the racing and breeding system intimately before aping in!
10.  Do you produce any zed run content? Blog, Twitch, Podcast, etc.?
11.  Favorite movie of all time?
  • My favourite movie of all time is by far and away ‘Snatch’ with Brad Pitt and Jason Statham. So many incredible characters and quotable lines from that film! “Do you like Dags?”
12.  Place you would like to visit the most ie. Bucket List trip?
  • Bucket list trip would be a surf trip to Costa Rica with my best mate. It’s been on the cards for years but life keeps getting in the way!
13.  Any fun facts or anything else you’d like to share?
  • Fun facts: I’ve had a brain hemorrhage and 6 concussions because I used to be an extreme sports man and a little wild when I was younger! I would LOVE to be able to make a reliable side income (or full time!) from Zed and I think in the future there will be many people who do that. Whether I can position myself to be one of those remains to be seen. I do think that Zed is going to be around for a long time despite all our grumbling and impatience and I think we are all still very early in the grand scheme of things so I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Hayley's Horse looks like a great marathoner! With qualifying currently underway for the very first Zed Run Tournament it will be interesting to see how this horse does! Alot of horses right now with an edge in qualifying seem to have Nakamoto blood in their family tree, food for thought I'm sure!  As always if you are looking to collab or connect with fellow stables that you think are a good fit with yours I highly encourage it. To reach this stable you can contact him on Twitter https://twitter.com/thezedrunpod. See you on the track my friends and good luck qualifying for the very first official Tournament from ZED Run!

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