Today's spotlight is on Sangudo Stallions stable and his Z10 Buterin Genesis Mare, Decreasing Capital We are happy to get to know this stable and his favorite horse. The following family tree sourced from


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

  • I'm probably older than most in the space as 40 is approaching quickly lol. Live in Colorado, 3 kids, I've ran cash sim sports leagues for over 20 years.
2.  How did you find Zed Run?
  • Found Zed Run through a friend who discovered it, a bunch of us in our hockey sim league were in Top Shot, and he came across it somewhere, I was quickly intrigued, so called a buddy of mine who knows horse racing, and we quickly formed a plan and started up.
3.  What’s your stable name?
  • Sangudo Stallions is my main stable. WillWay Stables and Gudo Flue Farm are our subsidiary stables, and likely adding a few more soon as we make sure we have enough guys running our horses as we need.
4.  What horse in your stable are you proudest of and why?
  • Decreasing Capital would be our prized horse. I bought her for .525 and her win rate was at like 4%, I used my analytic tool I built to identify that she was likely woefully undervalued. Thankfully, it was correct! She's a 2200m beast!
5.  What are your current goals with ZED Run?
  • Current goals for our stables are to continue growing, and eventually buy a Genesis Szabo. We didn't start with a huge budget, so working our way up to that would be awesome.
6.  Thing you like MOST about Zed?
  • I like all the different aspects of play. You can race, you can breed, you can buy and flip, you can buy and hold. There's no 1 way to play, and we really mix it up and focus on ALL the different aspects of the game.
7.  Thing you like LEAST about Zed?
  • It's been said a thousand times now, but the lack of communication from Zed is extremely frustrating. Sure those of us who have been here awhile know that things are going to be buggy, but they need to do a better and more consistent job of communicating that, especially for the newer players.
8.  What would you like to see changed or added to Zed Run?
  • Improved onboarding needs to be improved. Currently the plan seems to be to encourage people to watch the multitude of amazing live streams to get interested, then come into beginner chat where I, and a handful of others get the right materials in front of them. There really should be a Zed official in beginner at all times onboarding new players in discord.
9.  Most important thing you think a new stable should know?
  • Have patience, buying a horse is the FINAL step in the process. That UUU you're looking at buying is going to cost about .03 ETH to run out properly to really have an idea what you have. Factor that into your purchase price and you can see how buying a horse WITH data may be the best way to start.
10.  Do you produce any zed run content? Blog, Twitch, Podcast, etc.?
11.  Favorite movie of all time?
  • Lonesome Dove
12.  Place you would like to visit the most ie. Bucket List trip?
  • I'd love to go back to Belize, it was paradise, but I know Bora Bora is next on the list, hopefully for our 20th anniversary if these ponies can take off :-)
13.  Any fun facts or anything else you’d like to share?
  • We travel, alot. We're hitting all 50 states in our travel trailer as a family by the time my oldest graduates (she's 13 now), so if you're in the Northeast, let me know, that's 2022's section of the country we're hitting!

Decreasing Capital looks like a great marathon runner with very high flame percentage and great odds data are shown as well. Odds are no longer disclosed for horses so when you find it it can be a valuable tool in judging the potential performance of a horse. Decreasing Capital is currently up for sale as of this writing, on Open Sea

Qualifying for the very first Zed Run Tournament is currently on it's last day. Unfortunately this horse didn't make the cut but Zed has stated they will have other tournaments in the future with different structure. Hopefully that will see more unique horses qualifying including Decreasing Capital. 

As always if you are looking to collab or connect with fellow stables that you think are a good fit with yours I highly encourage it. To reach this stable you can contact him on Twitter See you on the track my friends and good luck in the last day of qualifying for the very first official Tournament from ZED Run!


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